WPC: Midday Solitude

police solitude by rubys polaroid

Solitude is not Loneliness. In this super-connected age sometimes it’s a great idea to unplug and have time to recharge our minds, souls and plans. A time to listen to what your heart has been screaming it’s self hoarse in a bid to get your attention from your phone, friends, work and life’s troubles and worries.

Those who fail to retrospect, repeat all their mistakes.

So in line with this week’s Daily Post’s Challenge: SolitudeΒ , i’m posting a shot i took of a policeman who was deep in thought under a bridge. He took a very comfy pose and i guess he was thinking about something i’ll never know about.
Have you ever had time to yourself to think through your past actions or past plans that went awry? If you have’t you should. You just might find the cause or reason you’ve been searching high and low for.

police solitude by rubys polaroid
Policeman’s Solitude

22 thoughts on “WPC: Midday Solitude

  1. I’m all too familiar with the madness that is Lagos, so this resonates deeply with me. Reminds me of a comparative study of two photos depicting “peace”. One was of a calm river, not a sound to be heard, everything quiet and serene. The other was of absolute chaos, with someone sitting quietly in a corner, in the midst of it all. That was when I knew that solitude was different from loneliness, and that peace could be found anywhere! I’m glad I stumbled upon your beautiful blog today. Will be following from now.

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