Earth Series: Green Caterpillar

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to the first Monday of sweet September 😀 , and also the first of the ‘Ember’ months. My first Natural Monday post of the month is focused on a small but important aspect of nature.

The Docile Caterpillar.

Yes they do look icky and creepy (that I have to admit) but in a short while this tiny, twisty insect will bloom into a beautiful butterfly. Beautiful and dainty, the perfect ambassador on the Transforming power of Mother Nature.


Caterpillar: From Every Angle

Sometimes the typical inspires nothing and achieves nothing, get out of the routine and try a different angle, a different technique or

totally step out of the BOX.

That’s the challenge for this weeks Photo Challenge, change your angle and see what you get.
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Monochrome Tuesday: Delicate Nature

Today’s post is on a tweeny-weeny creature which I used to discriminate against, that was before its delicate beauty was revealed with an macro shot I took recently for a WordPress Challenge.
Generally they creep me out but this might be the exception, even in Black & White its still beautiful. See the colour version here – WPC: Creepy


Creepy Pink Spider

This week its tiny, creepy and PINK!!!!!
Yes, its a cute pink spider. Its supposed to be creepy but i don’t think nature intended that, i found Her (I say that because its pink) on a wild flower i was taking shots of, a very lucky pretty find 😀 .
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Caterpillar: Colour Stripped

Caterpillars as my gallery below shows, are beautiful in any light. The exquisite strips and spots, classic and clean just like the Zebra of the African plain. Colour sometimes distracts, with the brilliant display nature puts on everyday. The mute of Black and White helps to appreciate the details and efficiency of nature.

Did You Know:
A caterpillar has as many as 4,000 muscles in its body. By comparison, humans have just 629 muscles in a considerably larger body.
The majority of caterpillars are cryptically colored and bear resemblance to the plants on which they feed as a defensive mechanism.

For a comparison check my previous post in colour HERE.


Caterpillar: In Progress

Good morning peeps, Happy New Month 😀 . August is here with a bang and am sure my northerly friends will soon say goodbye to summer, being the 8th month it has lots of meanings.

Did You Know:

Caterpillars signify Potential or Transformation as
they are a mid-stage to the beauties we know as Butterflies 😀 .
They also symbolize Luck, sensitivity,
creativity, renewal, promise.

My photo collage today is on Caterpillars. Everyone knows their friendly munching face, sometimes friend or foe depending on if you keep a garden.


Flower of June

Natural Monday, and its also the first day in the middle month of the year. Welcome to another quarter of the year.
Without further ado, my subjects today is a wild wine-tipped flower and the beautiful caterpillar that feasted on its green leaves.

Have a great month ahead. Enjoy. 

Two in a Pod

Unlikely Friends by rubys polaroid

Natural Monday is on Coincidence, nature’s way of saying anything is possible. I happened on this duo and they were kind enough to stay for some shots. What do you think they were discussing as they chilled inches from each other.

Unlikely Housefly Friends