Friday Late Post: Unpublished

A boy in a canoe by rubyspolaroid


The week is finally over, on Wednesday morning as i peeled open my eyes to bright unwelcome sunlight, i felt like skipping over Thursday and Friday just to get to Saturday but Thursday came and i had a lil excursion/ Trip with a good friend and after a really long time i got to exercise my photography muscles and free my thoughts. Which brings us to today.

This blog was first a tester of my new camera then a therapy now i want it to a mini gallery of the photos i take that don’t fall into Architecture, which my Instagram account is for. If you haven’t checked it out, you are really missing great Archi shots of Lagos 🙂

Shameless Instagram Plug – @RubysPolaroid
To start off will be posting a little docu series on life in a slum boating community in Lagos.

Enjoy your weekend. Got any fun plans lined up?


Cee BW Challenge: Abandoned Secretariat

What better way to host a Halloween party than at an abandoned secretariat with several high-rises in a large expanse of land close to a cemetery, lol.
This is my submission for Cee’s BW Photo Challenge with the theme- ABANDONED/ALONE.

This is just one arm of the large complex, its been abandoned for close to 26 years ever since the seat of the Federal Government moved in 1991 form Lagos to Abuja which was carved out of other states and designed to be the centre of power; The Civil Servant state.

Old Secretariat Ikoyi by rubys polaroid
Abandoned Federal Secretariat Ikoyi

Natural Monday: Pink Hues

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid

Hi guys,

…..And welcome to a beautiful New Week full of deadlines, traffic, more smog a bit more rain if you happen to live in Lagos and the regular crazy-ass road hogs (also known as public transport drivers (-__-))
Today my  Nature post is an Infrared Conversion of a shot taken at my Alma Mater; University of Lagos, the Engineering Department to be precise. The building right behind the statue is a lecture hall for combined classes.

Have An Awesome Week 😀

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid
Infrared Engineering Dept University Of Lagos



Cee BW Challenge: City Lights

This is one of those rare moments i brought my camera along with no inkling i’ll get to use it. Dusk was in the air when i left the cinemas with my friends and just as we where about to say goodbye i thought “wouldn’t it be nice to take a bridge shot?’
No necessarily a smart idea being that it was getting dark fast but what the heck this opportunity comes once in a blue moon, so i pulled them up the pedestrian bridge to stand with me as i took quick shots.

So i’m posting it for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge titled LIGHTS. The dimming sun, white car lights and orange street lights all in one photo 😀 .



WPC: Midday Solitude

police solitude by rubys polaroid

Solitude is not Loneliness. In this super-connected age sometimes it’s a great idea to unplug and have time to recharge our minds, souls and plans. A time to listen to what your heart has been screaming it’s self hoarse in a bid to get your attention from your phone, friends, work and life’s troubles and worries.

Those who fail to retrospect, repeat all their mistakes.

So in line with this week’s Daily Post’s Challenge: Solitude , i’m posting a shot i took of a policeman who was deep in thought under a bridge. He took a very comfy pose and i guess he was thinking about something i’ll never know about.
Have you ever had time to yourself to think through your past actions or past plans that went awry? If you have’t you should. You just might find the cause or reason you’ve been searching high and low for.

police solitude by rubys polaroid
Policeman’s Solitude

An old sunset, A new Dawn

In a few hours the last day of 2015 will end, drawing a close to the year with fireworks, prayers and lots of alcohol to usher in the new year.
We do this every year. so what will you do differently in 2016? Everyone has a list…..and practically no-one will stick to it. So for my final post this year, a little advice. Out of your Fantasy List,

Pick One ….and STICK TO IT.

My Urban Shots today are of a billboard at a popular roundabout along the Lekki-Epe Axis, took it at dusk some days ago. A sunset, a day and time that will never repeat itself. Simply now a memory to reflect on.


Abandoned Secretariat

Thursdays on my blog is dedicated to my urban environment and street photography, being without a laptop nonetheless I went out to capture shots of a derelict building complex I have hopes of entering one day to take Urbex shots. its located in Ikoyi on the same road as the ever busy customs office.


Cee’s Black and White Challenge: All The Way Up

Its all in the angle they say.  This is a shot of one of the many access stairs at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos. In one of the last Nysc adventures we gathered at the stadium for a Saturday event and i took alot of shots, which I’ll steadily unveil as the month goes.
Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Indoor Walkways, Hallways, Elevators.

Stadium Stairs by rubys polaroid
Stadium Stairs