BW Tuesday: Archi Details

Diamond Bank Head Office by rubys polaroid

Morning peeps…..sigh it’s been too long since i made a proper post.

Doing a personal mind cleanup so i can have more thinking time this year(blogging time), but lets jump into the title of today’s post. I’ve always loved a good BW image that can make you stop in your tracks and if you’ve been tracking my Instagram Page you’ll notice my minimalist trend.

Architecture is the theme, high-rises the medium. Enjoy 😀

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Cee BW Challenge: Abandoned Secretariat

What better way to host a Halloween party than at an abandoned secretariat with several high-rises in a large expanse of land close to a cemetery, lol.
This is my submission for Cee’s BW Photo Challenge with the theme- ABANDONED/ALONE.

This is just one arm of the large complex, its been abandoned for close to 26 years ever since the seat of the Federal Government moved in 1991 form Lagos to Abuja which was carved out of other states and designed to be the centre of power; The Civil Servant state.

Old Secretariat Ikoyi by rubys polaroid
Abandoned Federal Secretariat Ikoyi

WPC: Jobs are Temporary

My Attita Desk by rubys polaroid
What???  *exaggerated shock face* That has got to be some silly idea I came up with as a millennial. (I imagine that’s what flashed through your head when you read the title.)
….In all honesty really think about that title again………thought about it? Sadly that’s the truth.
You’ll never be at one job all the days of your breathing life, no job or position or title or place (yes,  places evolve over time) is permanent. We grow and change, our needs grow and change. So we have to decide what do we want out of that place/job? and make sure we get it when it’s time to leave, and that’s how I choose to interpret this week’s WPC theme: Temporary.
Above is a picture of my old desk,  in the span of a few days I changed desks and time and place. Same me but now with a different desk.
 In what way have you exchanged something or somewhere old for a new one, share in the comments.
Have a lovely week ahead
Here’s a link to the WPC post to see more entries.

Cee BW Challenge: Textured Shadows

LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail

Been awhile i posted to this awesome challenge but no more excuses 😀 . The theme is TEXTURE, i did a BW Conversion of a pic i took on a recent Nature Walk.
Link below to check out the other great submissions.
Cee BW Challenge: TEXTURE

Cee BW Challenge: Re-Purposed Wheels

Road Tyre Bull Art by rubys polaroid

Today’s monochrome photo challenge theme by Cee is on WHEELS, well i indeed got a shot of wheels but not in your conventional way.
The art work in the shot depicting a Bull is made up of used Tyres and sits on the Tyre rim, so technically is a picture of wheels (Tyres and Rim) 🙂 .
I took this shot last year at the GTB Fashion Weekend Event, outside the main hall was an outdoor sales area/food court and beautiful art works like these where placed all around.

Here’s a link to her post Cee’s BW Challenge: Wheels

Road Tyre Bull Art by rubys polaroid
Road Tyre Bull Art

Cee BW Challenge: Pair

Man and Sky by rubys polaroid

Today i’ll be posting a street shot taken in CBD, Lagos. I’ve always been fascinated by street photography but my shy nature makes me the sneak-a-pic type of street photographer. In the shot is an old man poised in-between two trees mid-crossing at noon.


Man and Sky by rubys polaroid
Man and Sky

Cee BW Challenge: City Lights

This is one of those rare moments i brought my camera along with no inkling i’ll get to use it. Dusk was in the air when i left the cinemas with my friends and just as we where about to say goodbye i thought “wouldn’t it be nice to take a bridge shot?’
No necessarily a smart idea being that it was getting dark fast but what the heck this opportunity comes once in a blue moon, so i pulled them up the pedestrian bridge to stand with me as i took quick shots.

So i’m posting it for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge titled LIGHTS. The dimming sun, white car lights and orange street lights all in one photo 😀 .



WPC: Sacred Heritage

“valued objects and qualities such as historic buildings and cultural traditions that have been passed down from previous generations.”

Lagos has heritage, Culture and a Resilient people who have seen history and left their mark in so many ways. Historic buildings and sites litter the bustling city of Lagos and i had a great opportunity to visit them during the Open House Lagos 2017 Event. The SACRED SITES TOUR, even though short was a real eye opener.

The Holy Cross Cathedral is credited with being the birth place of Catholicism in Nigeria.
Check the link below on it’s birth and history of Catholicism in Nigeria.

A Brief History Of Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lagos

Heritage designation: Lagos State Grade 3 listed building
Architect(s): Lazarus Borges da Silva and Francisco Nobre
Style: French Gothic
Years built: 1934-1939
Completed: 1939