Cee BW Challenge: Pair

Man and Sky by rubys polaroid

Today i’ll be posting a street shot taken in CBD, Lagos. I’ve always been fascinated by street photography but my shy nature makes me the sneak-a-pic type of street photographer. In the shot is an old man poised in-between two trees mid-crossing at noon.


Man and Sky by rubys polaroid
Man and Sky

Thursday Fashion: David Tlale

Morning guys, and how is your week going? Did you stop by for some lovely music on my post yesterday, if you didn’t you can take a quick look HERE.
This post has been languishing in my draft box since January…. i know, terrible right?
The second part in my David Tlale Fashion Collection exhibited at last year’s GTB FASHION WEEKEND. So here it is in all its monochrome splendour. I’m biased to any cool looking BW scheme but this is taking a cool mix to a whole new level of luxury.


P.S – You can check out the first part of his show with this link – DAVID TLALE 01


WPC: Midday Solitude

police solitude by rubys polaroid

Solitude is not Loneliness. In this super-connected age sometimes it’s a great idea to unplug and have time to recharge our minds, souls and plans. A time to listen to what your heart has been screaming it’s self hoarse in a bid to get your attention from your phone, friends, work and life’s troubles and worries.

Those who fail to retrospect, repeat all their mistakes.

So in line with this week’s Daily Post’s Challenge: Solitude , i’m posting a shot i took of a policeman who was deep in thought under a bridge. He took a very comfy pose and i guess he was thinking about something i’ll never know about.
Have you ever had time to yourself to think through your past actions or past plans that went awry? If you have’t you should. You just might find the cause or reason you’ve been searching high and low for.

police solitude by rubys polaroid
Policeman’s Solitude

Cee Black and White Challenge: Bulls Eye

Laughing Pigeon by Rubys Polaroid

To open the New Year Cee left the Black&White Challenge as an Open Topic, pick your subject or recap the past year. I choose to do both it’s the season to reflect and look ahead, why not with our posts as well. I love participating in Her Blogging Event, its a great way to see and appreciate other Noir Lovers and also be amazed by beautiful photos. To a lovely year of Noir Art, thanks Cee 🙂 and a Happy New Year. 

P.S – Below is the link to see other beautiful contributions and also my posts that featured as photos for the weekly challenge.

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Open Topic

Featured Posts:


Laughing Pigeon by Rubys Polaroid
Laughing Pigeon

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Crystal Flower

Crystal Flower by Rubys Polaroid

The last Black&White post of 2016 and Cee drew up MIRROR IMAGES/REFLECTIONS for the challenge. It feels like looking at 2016 in retrospective; What do i see and What have i achieved so far in the year? Been thinking more than posting this few days, now that I’ve drawn up my plans its time to take action. Can’t wait for 2017 🙂

Crystal Flower by Rubys Polaroid
Crystal Flower



WPC: Chaos in the Skies

Howdy folks 🙂

and welcome to the November of Dreams.

The inspiration was Chaos and so i picked 2 shots taken just before a fierce rain storm in Lagos. The winds where literally howling when i ran out with my camera, everyone would probably have been running for cover while i ran out into the biting wind just to take pics….Oh the irony *covers face*
Chaos is a good word to describe the cloud-play at that time, layers upon layers of dark clouds i half expected the clouds to form into horses and charge down to earth (my imagination really does fly sometimes). Yes, i did in fact do an Infra-red Photo Conversion, to add more to the drama and give it a different look. What do you think of the Infra-red look and have you ever run the opposite way in a situation just to get an interesting shot, drop a comment if you have 😀

This week’s inspiration is courtesy of WPC: Chaos (check the link for other awesome entries for the challenge) and see you on Monday for my Natural Monday post. Ciao!!!


Natural Monday: BW Blush

Morning guys, how was your weekend? ….i’m not gonna complain it was short cause well it’s never as long as i wished it could be *moppy face*.
I digress….So onto the post for today.
It’s all about Pink Bougainvilleas in a selective monochrome feel, i felt the pink would go unappreciated if left against the green-yellow leaves so i muted all colours but the flower blooms and i quite like the result 🙂 . Do you feel it’s better this way or it should be left unaltered? Let me know in the comments.

Have a Great Week Ahead 🙂


Cee BW Challenge: Crankcase

Cee’s Black and White Photo challenge inspired me to dig into my photo files for a chance to post this unusual photos, i don’t usually shot machinery but this was different.
Here’s a link to this week’s challenge: Machinery /Engines