Cee BW Challenge: Pair

Man and Sky by rubys polaroid

Today i’ll be posting a street shot taken in CBD, Lagos. I’ve always been fascinated by street photography but my shy nature makes me the sneak-a-pic type of street photographer. In the shot is an old man poised in-between two trees mid-crossing at noon.


Man and Sky by rubys polaroid
Man and Sky

WPC: Midday Solitude

police solitude by rubys polaroid

Solitude is not Loneliness. In this super-connected age sometimes it’s a great idea to unplug and have time to recharge our minds, souls and plans. A time to listen to what your heart has been screaming it’s self hoarse in a bid to get your attention from your phone, friends, work and life’s troubles and worries.

Those who fail to retrospect, repeat all their mistakes.

So in line with this week’s Daily Post’s Challenge: Solitude , i’m posting a shot i took of a policeman who was deep in thought under a bridge. He took a very comfy pose and i guess he was thinking about something i’ll never know about.
Have you ever had time to yourself to think through your past actions or past plans that went awry? If you have’t you should. You just might find the cause or reason you’ve been searching high and low for.

police solitude by rubys polaroid
Policeman’s Solitude

WPC: Night Magic

Make Magic!!! Create beauty in ways to inspire the mind..what about putting out all the lights and leaving your mind with endless possibilities?
That is what i try to achieve with this week’s shot, it’s literally a shot in the dark(lol) of a night-time barber shop under a huge umbrella. A quick set up but in pitch darkness its an island of light, i almost missed this shot contemplating where or not to take it i’m so glad i raise my hands to take the shot.

Inspired by WPC: Magic


WPC: Framed Man

Sometimes your environment frames your shot for you, to create that perfect moment and this is what that moment looks like. A man stands framed by the stair of a pedestrian bridge.
This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – FRAME speaks for itself. 

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Framed Man by rubys polaroid
Framed Man

Can You Spare Me Something, Lady?

Little Beggar Girl by rubys polaroid

Hmmmmm…this week’s challenge not so easy but hey that’s the fun part 🙂 . The challenge this week as dictated by the WPC is SPARE, use your words or pictures to show your understanding.

I decided to browse through my library of shots waiting for something to pop out screaming this word….and the result is above. The outstretched hand of a young girl’s small brown hands, with her big black eyes and eager face. She wanted something from me, anything I could Spare.
I caught this moment just as the traffic lights turned green, we shared a quiet moment before the world sped up. She must have seen this a thousand times rowdy yellow bus honks, and super slicked cars rushing her by ignoring her existence at the roadside.
…….Can you spare me something?
…….Would you, given the chance?
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P.S – if you don’t know what a yellow bus in Lagos looks like, you can see them here- Yellow City


Urban Thursday: Obalende Bridge Lagos

Obalende Bridge Underpass Lagos by rubys polaroid
Obalende Bridge Underpass Lagos by rubys polaroid
Obalende Bridge Underpass

Today under the Urban Category i’m featuring a shot I took with my phone recently in Obalende, Lagos. It is a very busy and ever bubbling transport hub in Lagos, home to a variety of things, its the quintessential melting pot. From here you can get a bus ( small, medium or large) going to anywhere and lets not forget the other modes of transport in Lagos.
The every slinky KeKe (Tricycle) and sometimes bikes.
The parallel line of light inspired me to take a shot through the bus window as we passed underneath on my way home.

Abandoned Secretariat

Thursdays on my blog is dedicated to my urban environment and street photography, being without a laptop nonetheless I went out to capture shots of a derelict building complex I have hopes of entering one day to take Urbex shots. its located in Ikoyi on the same road as the ever busy customs office.


Streets of Lagos: Sunset on Ozumba

Sorry for the late urban post guys, some work getting in the way 🙂 . Today i bring a shot of a popular street in Lagos at sunset, along with a building washed with amber rays on a Saturday.
Took this shot late last month on my way home from a wedding.

Sunset at Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid
Sunset at Exxon Mobil Lagos