Cee’s BW Challenge: Lagos Lagoon

Lagos Lagoon at Night BW by rubys polaroid

Hallo peeps and welcome to a Black and White Tuesday.
I usually post my BW for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge on Tuesdays. For a while now it’s been an alphabet run and i missed out on previous letter titles but this week to make up 🙂 i did a double L title..lool.
Not intentionally tho.

This image was a passing thought at the time, what i really wanted in my shot where the city lights on the water but after that i said why not lets do a long exposure shot as well with this former impedance as the main focus and it surprisingly turned out great. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Cee’s BW Challenge: Lagos Lagoon

  1. Very good. You have possibility for two pictures out of one, post cards, 5 X 7, etc. For city lights on the right, crop out the left; for another picture, reverse. Want depth of field? One needs long exposure at night. I see you now, 8 X 10 view camera on heavy duty tripod as you are composing and focusing an upside down image under a heavy, dark cloth. Between that and lying down in puddles to photograph abandoned roads to nowhere, you show your commitment to your hobby. (Some of the above was intended as humor, my apologies for having to say that.)

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    1. Lol…no offense taken, i am dedicated to my hobby. It’s the one thing that preserves my artistic flair and inspires me daily.
      Well i haven’t started climbing mountains 🙂 so that’s my next big thing.


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