WPC: Jobs are Temporary

My Attita Desk by rubys polaroid
What???  *exaggerated shock face* That has got to be some silly idea I came up with as a millennial. (I imagine that’s what flashed through your head when you read the title.)
….In all honesty really think about that title again………thought about it? Sadly that’s the truth.
You’ll never be at one job all the days of your breathing life, no job or position or title or place (yes,  places evolve over time) is permanent. We grow and change, our needs grow and change. So we have to decide what do we want out of that place/job? and make sure we get it when it’s time to leave, and that’s how I choose to interpret this week’s WPC theme: Temporary.
Above is a picture of my old desk,  in the span of a few days I changed desks and time and place. Same me but now with a different desk.
 In what way have you exchanged something or somewhere old for a new one, share in the comments.
Have a lovely week ahead
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Cee’s BW Challenge: Lagos Lagoon

Lagos Lagoon at Night BW by rubys polaroid

Hallo peeps and welcome to a Black and White Tuesday.
I usually post my BW for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge on Tuesdays. For a while now it’s been an alphabet run and i missed out on previous letter titles but this week to make up 🙂 i did a double L title..lool.
Not intentionally tho.

This image was a passing thought at the time, what i really wanted in my shot where the city lights on the water but after that i said why not lets do a long exposure shot as well with this former impedance as the main focus and it surprisingly turned out great. What do you think?

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WPC: Luscious Green Cactus

Thankfully, this week the challenge is simple. The colour – GREEN, maybe it’s something you envy, or the feel of spiring. Play around with it in whatever way inspires you.
Cacti come in varying shades of green and are the universal expression of prikly . . lol, so i dug around for shots i took of a cacti bunch earlier in January and threw in some nice monochrome shots as well. Below is a link to the challenge post if you want to check other post on this theme.


P.S – I recently came back on Instagram, and it’s where i post all my Urban/Street shots – RUBYSPOLAROID, check it out and follow me. If you are on Instagram as well drop your handle in the comments.


WPC: Graceful Models

This week GRACE and its entourage feelings of elegance and effortlessness are on display in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. 
  1. having or showing grace or elegance.

It’s a quality that’s not limited to humans, Mother Nature has badges in that dept especially with her array of beautiful birds, insects and mammals. Today i focus on the Fashion World, Models are taught to walk and exude effortless grace all the while dressed in expensive wear and crazy high heels. I don’t know how they do it but it’s always a beauty to behold.

This is from last year’s GTB Fashion Weekend Runway Show which showcased 10 Fashion Designers, in total. The line up included 2 Nigerians – Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi and Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Adama Paris (Senegalese), Taibo Bacar (Mozambican), David Tlale (South African), Julien Macdonald (Welsh).
This is a 2nd in my series of posts from that tightly packed weekend. Here’s a link to the first 🙂 – GTB FSHN WKND 1.

I feel they where beautiful and graceful strutting down the catwalk both male and female models. Does their effortless poise come through the pictures?


Cee BW Challenge: Sky Steel

Towering above in a high contrast sky is this stand alone High Tension Steel Tower. This was inspired by Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Isolated Objects.
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WPC: Morning Glory

Morning peeps 🙂 , How was the weekend? I had a blast with a good friend of mine celebrating a milestone year *Extra-wide Grin* . 
On Friday we got the WordPress Challenge of an image that speaks to you of blissful mornings. Browsing my files i saw this and thought a Monochrome conversion would be great.
What do you think? Can you feel the warm rays coming through, if yes then this shot was a success 😀 .
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Sunrise BW by rubys polaroid
Sunrise BW

Natural Monday: Purple Haze

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers isn’t as beautiful as one single flower in full bloom. That’s the feeling i got when i stripped away the colourful noise to reveal this single blooms presence.
My muse for today is a common wild flower, usually a creeper and it’s photosensitive (blooms when the sun comes up).

Natural Monday: Relentless

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid

Its another Monday (sigh), a new week new opportunities and familiar faces. How did your Monday go? Hectic or a complete drag….
My muse today is the unrelenting wild grass that bursts out at every little crack in our concrete jungle, Mother Nature sure knows how to get her foot in, be it rock or solid concrete.

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid
Kerb Corner