Icon Day: National Theatre, Lagos

National Theatre Lagos by rubys polaroid

A good day varies just as the night sky has stars, innumerable. My good day was a few days ago when i finally captured a nice shot of a national icon/ monument as i passed the bridge across from it on my way home.
The National Theatre, Lagos is a very popular landmark and is tied to the cultural history of Lagos especially as it was built for the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. For more info on this beautiful monument, visit this SITE.
Ironically it is not a unique building but a copy of an existing building in Varna, Bulgaria Palace of Culture and Sports (completed in 1968), the National Arts Theatre Lagos being the bigger of the two.
(Information courtesy: Wikipedia)

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National Theatre Lagos by rubys polaroid
National Theatre Lagos

6 thoughts on “Icon Day: National Theatre, Lagos

  1. Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentlemen
    Your are welcome to Nigeria…

    We must show our country’s pride…

    In the dim and distance past I remember hearing that record in my parents home and it being associated with FESTAC

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  2. I know that amazing feeling of capturing something you’ve always had an eye for perfectly! It literally does make one’s day lol. Awesome shot. It’s a pretty dope building. It has simlairities to the Moses Mabhida stadium here in South Africa. Nice.

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