Midweek Music: I Follow Your Heartbeat

Hi guys, been awhile  🙂 ,

Welcome to the first Wednesday of December, ooohhh my gosh seems like the year just happened like a sunny hot dream. Just when you get a hang of it, you wake up on your bed, and your alarm is screaming 6:30am. Time to wake up and go to work!!!!!!
I’m sure you ain’t here for my monologue 🙂 , today’s track is a Tropical (wink,wink) Upbeat Pop song used by some popular Youtube Channels i.e Peter McKinnon.


Title: I Follow Your Heartbeat (Ahlstrom remix)
Artist: Kevin Andersson
Genre: Pop, Tropical, Contemporary 

Image Credit : youtube.com


Midweek Music: Stay Near

Hallo 🙂 ,

Welcome to another Midweek Music post, today it’s relaxing Ambient Music. Discovered it via a fav youtube channel that used it as an outro song for his videos.

Enjoy ❤

Title: Stay Near
Artist: Henrik Olsson
Genre: Ambient

Image Credit : youtube.com


Midweek Music: Dreaming Out Loud

Hi Guys,

I admit it’s been awhile since i’ve posted. The blues are no respecter of person and my blog has suffered for it, maybe that’s why i’m posting this track today as a lil pick-me-up for a bad case of midweek blues.

Hope you have Have a Great Week ❤

Title: Dreaming Out Loud
Artist: Daniel Kadawatha
Genre: Pop Music, Electronic, Retro

Image Credit : youtube.com


….My 600th :D and a toast to more.

Hi guys and welcome to another Mid-week post. Today before i share my song of the week, i just want to say a


to everyone who allowed me to reach a cool milestone of 600+ followers *jumps up and down on my swivel chair*. I made that mark over the weekend and i’m really happy.
2 years down the line, 600 + followers and the coolest friends so far in the blogsphere 🙂 . Some have inspired me to achieve more, some have brightened countless days with ingenious words and awesome shots.

Today my song is the duo: The Prototypes and the song is called Slip Away, the album: City Of Gold. They are a British Drum and Bass duo started in the 2000’s.

Image Credit: Pexels.com


Midweek Music: Linkin Park

Today i’m going to a classic, this song made me fall in love with the Emo-Rock genre and this band made it happen.
This is a well known song from the band; LINKIN PARK called Breaking The Habit. It was one of the first animated rock videos i loved for the concept of rewinding time and what it could possibly mean to a wishful teenager.


Image Credit : eu.wikipedia.org


Midweek Music: Your Light

A cool upbeat fusion of Dance and Electronic music, its a fun song to listen to, maybe even workout with? 
Discovered this last week on my favorite YouTube channel; MrSuicideSheep

Image Credit:Soundcloud.com

Midweek Music: Chvrches

Lovely rock group, the genre is new to me though. SynthPop also known as Electropop, something i plan on exploring :). In the meantime, if you are open to new music and a techno fan this might be up your alley. Enjoy