Midweek Music: Breathe

Hi guys it’s Wednesday again,

Discovered this Chillstep track on Youtube from a fav channel Arctic Empire. A song to relax to, no voice overlays just instruments, and for the last day of February it’s perfect.

Title: Breathe
Artist: Kozoro
Genre: Chillstep

Image Credit : YouTube


Midweek Music: Satellite (Trails Remix)

Hallo 🙂 ,

Welcome to the Wednesday 7 days before Valentine. So let me just get it out of the way, got a date? Yes, No. Yes lucky you. No, don’t let it bother you it’s just one day in the entire year you’ve got 300+ days in the year left.
My choice for a midweek track today is a song i discovered yesterday on my regular YouTube video trawl, love the beat and flow. Hope you’ll love it too.

Have a lovely week ❤
(even if it didn’t start lovely)

Title: Satellite (TRAILS Remix)
Artist: Starset
Genre: Electronic\Trap

Image Credit : Beautiful Buzzz