Natural Monday: Fading Yellow

Natural Monday is back yayyy…’s been off for awhile cause of my laptop being off commission. To re-start my monday posts i’m posting 2 cool close up shots of yelow fading leaves.
Have a lovely week ahead 😀


YELLOW Things and more

Raindrops on a yellow petal by rubys polaroid

Natural monday swings by again weirdly and enough its the mid monday of a month with 5 mondays
*the least favourite day of the week*
Today i’ll be digging into my library for some shots that I love, the colours will brighten even the dreariest day.
So what did you do to brighten your monday?

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Yellowy September

Morning peeps, how did your weekend go? Mine was pretty short and i think I still need more sleep *yawn*.
Anywho today is Natural Monday, so I picked a bright sunny yellow flower to start the week on a bright note. It was a bit of a challenge as flowers with single colour tones mostly have burn out or bright spots if photographed in full sunlight.
I waited for a cloudy day and just after the drizzle I took these shots.

I’m always open to great photography advice, if you’ve got ideas go over to the comments and share 😀

P.S – I recently enrolled for Blogging 201, its one of WordPress Blogging Courses you can read up on them HERE. so for the next 2/3 weeks my blogging schedule will change.


Moving Portraiture

Juxtaposing man and a mountain was the idea for this images. Can they conquer by sheer pose or will it be a try unto futility.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Submitted for Cee;s Black and White Challenge: Ground. To see more great entries, click link.


Sunrise in Iseyin

sunrise in iseyin by rubys polaroid

Christ is Risen. Those words are the buzz words right now in the media world as Christians all over celebrate Easter Monday today. A beautiful sunset seems like a perfect tribute to this holiday, took this on my last morning of Nysc Camp last November in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Happy Easter Everyone

sunrise in iseyin by rubys polaroid
sunrise in iseyin

Faster than a Bus

Superman on the streets of Lagos by rubys polaroid

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds. In the contexts of an in the moment shot taken on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.
Chose a monochrome theme to quiet down the colourful backdrop to the action at the fore.

Superman on the streets of Lagos by rubys polaroid
Superman on the streets of Lagos

2014 in Collage

This was 2014 in my most popular pictures, from a bird shot at the No 1 spot to water refractions, then at 3rd place was  a monochrome sky in dreamy mode.

Fourth was a week’s photo collage ( A Landmark, Warmth, Nature, Connections and Mystery) in a WordPress Blogging U course on photography, finally it’s my city in splashes of Yellow that was the theme of the post.

What in these pictures made you like and comment so much?. An awesome year it was, that was the year I started this blog and got to meet people who inspired my creativity.

Will be posting on my new year resolutions tomorrow. What are yours?


Repost: City of Yellow

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is on the colour Yellow. A very vivid and un-ignorable colour, aptly used for things or places of importance. I’m reposting this to remind myself why I love this city, so chaotically organised and so alive.

Colours are our entire world, this little blue wet rock would be dead without the vivid hues and colours that surround us. Be it in the dark blues of moonlit nights to the warm yellow of signs and noisy buses, it makes us who we are.

Read a poem about colours recently which made me appreciate my sight all the more. Maybe its all in my mind. Read the inspiring post HERE.

Yellow is symbolic in Lagos, from the noisy buses to the crossings that bear the trodden yellow. Its a vivid colour that can’t be ignored, how does Yellow affect your world. Tell me all about it in your comments.