Haiku Friday: Rebirth

A chill autumn day,

Perfect for a weighty crown,

To mold a new king.


Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge139: King& Day
Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Friday Haiku: Summer Love

Wet sandy summer,
So much like love’s first arrow,

The first sweet sun-ray.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 103: Summer & Sun
mage Credit: Pexels.com

Haiku Friday: Dancing Desires

Dance in perfect beat
Flash of bodies in motion
Sets desire ablaze

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Friday: Flash & Dance

Image Credit: Wikipedia.Org

Haiku Friday:Deadly Eyes

Luring charms entice,
Playing foul mind games of love,
Death dosed by doe eyes.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku 75: Charm & Look
Image Credit: Pixabay


Friday Haiku: Golden Cranes

Orizuru (折鶴)
Orizuru (折鶴)
Delicate dancing cranes,
Concealing hearts of pure gold,

To touch and inspire.

Image Credit: Wikipedia