Natural Monday: Pigeon

It’s not everyday you get up close and personal with a pigeon, and also some time for portraits and side but i did and i was so lucky that day. This is a local bird specie and even through it’s a pigeon its real name is The Laughing Dove Pigeon (I’ve never seen one smile much less laugh so the name has never made sense to me), maybe it was a joke amongst the Ornithologists. (- its a branch of zoology that concerns the study of birds)


Cee’s BW Challenge: Laughing Dove

The challenge topic is the letters C & D, anything or place starting with those letters. My pick is the letter D for DOVE 🙂 . This is a local pigeon specie in my area, and the full name is Laughing Dove Pigeon.
I took an even closer shot showing the head in detail – HERE.
Check out the link to see other cool entries. CEE’S BW CHALLENGE: C or D


Cee Black and White Challenge: Bulls Eye

Laughing Pigeon by Rubys Polaroid

To open the New Year Cee left the Black&White Challenge as an Open Topic, pick your subject or recap the past year. I choose to do both it’s the season to reflect and look ahead, why not with our posts as well. I love participating in Her Blogging Event, its a great way to see and appreciate other Noir Lovers and also be amazed by beautiful photos. To a lovely year of Noir Art, thanks Cee 🙂 and a Happy New Year. 

P.S – Below is the link to see other beautiful contributions and also my posts that featured as photos for the weekly challenge.

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Open Topic

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Laughing Pigeon by Rubys Polaroid
Laughing Pigeon

WPC Rare: The Laughing Dove

Photograph something rare, moments included was the challenge this week for WordPress Photo Challenge.
I got my close shots from a downed local bird, coincidentally i just learnt they are called Laughing Doves. It was weak and resting in a thick patch of tall grass for cover, it was a rainy and very windy day.

For more entries to thee challenge here’s a link. WPC: RARE.



Natural Monday: Bird In Flight

Today I’ve got a set of shots i would call “a massive lucky break”. I finally got decent In-Flight shots of the local albeit noisy birds that call my area home. Wish my lens were better equipped to capture them with a shallower depth of field but its a start 🙂 nonetheless.



Weightless Flight by rubys polaroid

The Muse: FLIGHT
Inspired by: WordPress Photo Challenge

Take a leap of faith,
Shift from the common and sure,
Emerge new and free.                                      – Tolulope Sanusi, 2016.

Everyone desires freedom, but are we truly ready for what it entails. The simple act of letting go has proven over centuries to be a trait we never get a hang of. It brings feelings of loneliness and fear, two words that take on different forms and chase us back to our closets and comfort zones.
Maybe its time you did what you feared, to become the person you dream to be.


In Search of Home

This little bird and its quest for flight evokes thoughts of what freedom really means to me. I caught a little glimpse of its world as it struggled to fly over a pretty high barbed fence probably in search of home, i guessed it was a youngling by its albeit clumsy attempts at flying and when that failed it resorted to hanging on refusing to go back to the ground. my shots where before its battle with the fence. I wish i had gotten those shots tho…lol.
Anyway enjoy these pre-fence battle shots as it ran ahead of me and i chased with my camera 😀
Maybe it was in search of A HAPPY PLACE 🙂


Weekend Watcher

Silent Watcher by rubys polaroid

Sigh, i can’t wait for the weekend i can only stand and wait which is what this local bird is doing.
Although i don’t think he is waiting for the weekend 😀

Silent Watcher by rubys polaroid
Silent Watcher