Natural Monday: White Mushrooms

Hi guys, it’s another super hot Monday and it’s Nature themed today. Took this late last year when the were still around and the ground was moist enough to grow white little mushrooms with freckles.
Got pretty close to the ground for some nice macro shots 🙂 .

Have a great week ahead. Ciao ❤


Natural Monday: White

Withering White Bloom by rubys polaroid

The first day of February, 2016. The first monday of many to come.

Welcome to the Month of Love.

I know for a fact, Valentine Fever is in the air. Any noteworthy celebrations?….i digress.
For my muse today, is the first fallen white bloom I shot with my new baby 🙂 , maybe you’ll like to compare with my old shots of this flower. Click HERE. What do you think? please let me know in your comment below.
Happy New Month and have a beautiful week ahead 😀 .

Withering White Bloom by rubys polaroid
Withering White Bloom

Invincible Connections

Connections are the life blood of our world, we are as connected via the wireless internet as we are to nature. This world is a huge web of lives from the smallest microbe life to the tallest skyscraper, every moment we make and break connections.

This week for the WordPress Photo Challenge themed CONNECTED, my collage is on a flower, a bug and its petals. The flowers depend on insects and insects likewise on flowers, its petals need the life flowing through the flower stem to disconnect means death.
All things are connected Visible or Invincible.


Flower of June

Natural Monday, and its also the first day in the middle month of the year. Welcome to another quarter of the year.
Without further ado, my subjects today is a wild wine-tipped flower and the beautiful caterpillar that feasted on its green leaves.

Have a great month ahead. Enjoy.