(Extra)Ordinary Home

Life on the bridge 2 by rubys polaroid

Man needs 3 essential things to survive and be productive; Food, Shelter and a means of transport, its a fact whether for the rich or poor. This week the Photo Challenge is to present an (Extra)Ordinary shot that opens a window into a world we would have passed by without a thought.
I saw this on a bridge as i sat in traffic, this spot was someone’s home for the moment. His food packed and mobile, his bicycle to move himself and goods leaned on the spot where he would have sat to have breakfast. I guess he was probably in that traffic, hawking for a living and when night comes he might simply go under the bridge to lay.
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Life on a Bridge by rubys polaroid
Life on a Bridge

Urban Sky

Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid

Sometimes all it takes is to look up at the endless sky and realise your life is just one of billions on this tiny wet space rock on a twisty journey round another hot rock…..ok i digressed.
Today we look skyward at a Brutalist Architecture (For more info on what that means visit HERE.) inspired office building. Its the Exxon Mobile Headquarters V.I, Lagos, sitting a stone throw away from the Admiralty Toll-Plaza.

Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid
Exxon Mobil Lagos

Awolowo Road Underpass

The vastness of built structures has always fascinated me. The sheer height and strength was my muse for this urban post dedicated to a bridge i pass everyday to work.

On The Way: Infinite Highways

Highway in Ibadan Monochrome by rubys polaroid

Morning people, another day another highway to conquer on the way to work. Saw this shots and remembered a recent WPC themed On The Way, took this on a not so recent trip outside Lagos.

Mosque at Dawn

Islamic Religious architecture always has unique and easily recognisable features. The towers that square out the central dome are standard.
I caught the dim light of dawn as it washed the white walls in a sober blue, and the white lights of the towers still shining like beacons.
This is how The Lekki Central Mosque Lagos looks at 6:35 in the morning.


Vantage Point

Taken from a pedestrian bridge on a sunny morning.


Skyline Blur

Ikoyi bridge Skyline Blur by rubys polaroid

Took this shot with my phone on a drive through Ikoyi Bridge. It was a lovely sunset but my phone captured something else. A man’s silhouette against a blurred out skyline shot. To see other entries in this week’s challenge click, WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – BLUR.

Ikoyi bridge Skyline Blur by rubys polaroid
Ikoyi bridge Skyline Blur

Streets of Lagos: Ozumba Mbadiwe Street VI

Roaming the streets taking pics, my focus today is Ozumba Mbadiwe Street VI,Lagos. A quite popular street/road for its buildings, 1004 estate, Law School Lagos, Exxon Mobile Lagos, and so many other attractions.
I have rendered some in selective monochrome, what do you feel seeing them? Comments and suggestions are always welcome on my Urban Journey through Lagos in pictures.