Cee Black and White Challenge: Miniature Models

…..AND January is official over. 2017 started off with a bang and a bunch of lists, how far have you gone on your list? If you don’t have any set goals for the year, it’s never to late to start ­čÖé

While we are on the topic of constructive goals, this weeks Monochrome challenge by Blogger Cee is CONSTRUCTION.┬áMy interpretation is in the form of Miniature Wood models used in my Alma Mater (University of Lagos, Architecture Deptment) to understand Steel Frame Construction done in massive buildings, bridges and stadiums all over the world. It’s pretty hard work but the result always look awesome. Check the link below to see other interpreatations of this week’s challenge.

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Construction


Intro: Streets of Lagos

*Trumpet call*
This is my intro post to a new photo series im embarking on. Was inspired by the thought that because i cant carry my camera around doesnt mean i still cant take good shots. (The Pros will disagree of course, but who can carry a heavy cam and still take great pictures safely on the streets)

Hope you are as excited as i am, did a bit of consultation and here it is.


Flatline Skyline

Lagos has never really had a beautiful( or organised) skyline. Looking up developed as a habit because the horizon never appealed to me. So i sky-gaze as a habit, especially on a beautiful day outside. Catching striking moments is what inspired the shots.
Got a little help from a friend @1mancabal. Can you spot which is his?


Dark Descent

Lone Star by rubys polaroid
Lone Star by rubys polaroid
Lone Star
Free falling, falling, falling
as through air
closing my eyes to see
what vision awaits me
Reality’s out-stretched hand
fading like a dream
misty winds howl past
hurtling at the speed of thought
a descent into tarturus
Shrill Screams of caged minds,
jarring my eyes open at the last second
as my body turns into an embrace
of stony poseidon


Descent is the topic of this week’s challenge. My photo was taken by descending into a roadside drain, my poem expresses a descent of the mind into scream filled enclaves.

To see other entries in this week’s challenge, click HERE.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Lights of Unilag

Inspired by WordPress weekly photo challange, went out to capture my little zone with as much night as i can possibly muster.


Reverse Interest

Inverse world

Change is inevitable, normal just has to evolve to stay normal. My view of that phrase is expressed in this picture, sometimes our view of the world changes according to circumstance.


Inverse world
Inverse world

In View of Henry Carr

To every coin face there is the other side, that guides a principle of thought that says to the familiar there is also the unknown. What happens when you portray the familiar as the unknown, it only leads the people who know the familiar to step back, disassociate and then reconnect. For the reason of time spent in a place it becomes the familiar, but it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it even more when portrayed as the unknown. I took pictures of places that are familiar to me, as tho it was the unknown leading my friends to re access the places they thought had no potential to surprise or interest them.

I hope as you scroll through you appreciate as I and some friends have come to re-appreciate.


My Nostalgia of Unilag

Feeling the nostalgic urge to document my views of unilag the way i know it, i embarked on a walk around my university taking shots of places i know well.