Cee BW Challenge: Textured Shadows

LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail

Been awhile i posted to this awesome challenge but no more excuses 😀 . The theme is TEXTURE, i did a BW Conversion of a pic i took on a recent Nature Walk.
Link below to check out the other great submissions.
Cee BW Challenge: TEXTURE

Natural Monday: Textured Seas

Warm waves by rubys polaroid

Some days are warm, slow and peaceful. Just like this . .


….And some days are rough, not the kind of days going to the beach comes to mind. The biting wind rushing into every gap between your clothes and skin isn’t heartwarming and neither is the tingling cold water but that’s life not every day is smooth sailing.
That is what gives life Texture.
The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is TEXTURE, find it all round you and say or show what it means.



Locked Out

Locked Out by rubys polaroid

The proverbial and circumstantial statement ‘I’m Locked Out’ is the muse of Monochrome Tuesday. Also featured in Cee’s Black and white challenge themed Texture.


Locked Out by rubys polaroid
Locked Out