Poste Qui M’a Inspiré I

Senate 1

This post is quite different, for many reasons but simply because i took the initiative to share the posts i read that defined my week. Everyone has thought of a single word for their week; stressful, exciting, shocking……but my week was just Different. Learnt a few things, read some awesome posts and saw pictures i would have loved to take.

Oh yes and the French title translates as: Posts That Inspired Me.

Ghostly Herald banner

The Quote: The Art Of Quotation

The Ode: Ode to Orange… and a Father’s Day Wish

The Pictures : New accepted photos in an international competition

Spatial_Occupation [figureLines]


The Writings  How American parenting is killing the American marriage

Thanks, mr. jobs.

A Pale Blue Glow

Have a lovely week ahead.




Saw a beautiful graphic composition by a dear friend using 2 or 3 of my shots, It was meant to embody the storm that was on while this design was being done. Lets Know what you think about it.