Boundaries of Sunlight

This week the challenge is on BOUNDARIES. Any kind of boundary be it physical or emotional, that can be felt and understood. My muse on boundaries lies in the daily ritual of sunset. The pivotal time in the day when the sun gives way to the Midnight blue sky spotted with dim stars. Every evening i watch the sun go down and where ever i am i can feel the emotional change of the city as the streets darken, yellow street lamps flicker on street by street and the hum of night hawkers begin.
So many things happen in the twilight period when the sun and moon seem to hover in the sky, like a stretched out colour gauge the sky tones streak from hot yellow into reds into the Indigo’s and darkest Violets in the which the Moon cowers waiting for its time.
This was taken a few days ago as i stood basking in the last rays of a forgotten September sun.


Sunrise in Iseyin

sunrise in iseyin by rubys polaroid

Christ is Risen. Those words are the buzz words right now in the media world as Christians all over celebrate Easter Monday today. A beautiful sunset seems like a perfect tribute to this holiday, took this on my last morning of Nysc Camp last November in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Happy Easter Everyone

sunrise in iseyin by rubys polaroid
sunrise in iseyin