Thursday Fashion: David Tlale

Morning guys, and how is your week going? Did you stop by for some lovely music on my post yesterday, if you didn’t you can take a quick look HERE.
This post has been languishing in my draft box since January…. i know, terrible right?
The second part in my David Tlale Fashion Collection exhibited at last year’s GTB FASHION WEEKEND. So here it is in all its monochrome splendour. I’m biased to any cool looking BW scheme but this is taking a cool mix to a whole new level of luxury.


P.S – You can check out the first part of his show with this link – DAVID TLALE 01



This week i’m off to a nice start, firstly apologies for the lateness of this post. Was supposed to post it last week Thursday but i wanted to do a bit more work on the images to my satisfaction and without much ado here they are.
This dress collection is from the GTB Fashion Weekend Exhibitor: WEIZ DHURM FRANKLYN, I love the feel of shimmering fabrics, cutouts and  draping dresses. Share your thoughts on these styles down in the comments 🙂 . 


Fashion: Monochrome Hues

FINALLY, here’s my first post on my fashion photography stint for a dear fashion blogger friend.
Here’s a link to her blog:  IMPERFECT VERBALISTA.

Her blogging name is Imperfect Verbalista, a good friend from my University days. We met in B.Sc, have been friends since. I got a little request from her awhile back to take shots for her blog, she was a fan of my blog and also of my Instagram shots.
So, background story. Check.
This was my intro shoot (2 dresses in this shoot, for 2 blog posts), we’ve done 2 others since then. I’ll post as i am able to. I picked my favorites of the many shots. To see the others, click the blog post links.

Peruse and tell me what you think, i’ll be waiting in the comments.

Here’s a link to the blog post: ForTheLoveOfMonochromaticHues: Masked Black


Here’s a link to the blog post: #TBT: All White + Gray “Errthang”