Natural Monday: A Corner of The Forest

Corner in the sky on a canopy walkway 3 by rubys polaroid

Morning guys 😀 ,

Welcome to the last Monday of beautiful August, by the way i didn’t get an August visitor but i got a lot of things this month. Top of my wishlist was a new Wide Angle Lens for Architectural Photography, and it was a beauty. Took it out for a spin and my recent WPC post – Ooh Shiny Sky Bridge shot was also taken with it.
A day out at the Lekki Conservation Centre Cont’d.



Cheers to the New Week ❤



Urban Sky

Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid

Sometimes all it takes is to look up at the endless sky and realise your life is just one of billions on this tiny wet space rock on a twisty journey round another hot rock…..ok i digressed.
Today we look skyward at a Brutalist Architecture (For more info on what that means visit HERE.) inspired office building. Its the Exxon Mobile Headquarters V.I, Lagos, sitting a stone throw away from the Admiralty Toll-Plaza.

Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid
Exxon Mobil Lagos

Streets of Lagos: CMS

CMS Lagos Pedestrian bridge by rubys polaroid

A monochrome flavoured shot of the pedestrian bridge at a popular transport hub in lagos, CMS to be exact.

CMS Lagos Pedestrian bridge by rubys polaroid
CMS Lagos Pedestrian bridge

Awolowo Road Underpass

The vastness of built structures has always fascinated me. The sheer height and strength was my muse for this urban post dedicated to a bridge i pass everyday to work.