WPC/Cee BW Challenge: Signs of Sleep

The Sleeping Man by rubys polaroid

It’s something common to all men, it comes naturally and it’s very demanding.¬†It gives signs but sometimes it catches you unawares and that can be very dangerous.
I’m doing a double post for 2 of my favorite WordPress challenges; WPC and Cee’s BW Challenge.

How’s your week going and has sleep ever caught you with your head down… literally ūüôā .


Cee Black and White Challenge: S or T

The Sleeping Man by rubys polaroid
The Sleeping Man

WPC: Framed Man

Sometimes your environment frames your shot for you, to create that perfect moment and this is what that moment looks like. A man stands framed by the stair of a pedestrian bridge.
This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – FRAME speaks for itself.¬†

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Framed Man by rubys polaroid
Framed Man

Urban Thursday: Obalende Bridge Lagos

Obalende Bridge Underpass Lagos by rubys polaroid
Obalende Bridge Underpass Lagos by rubys polaroid
Obalende Bridge Underpass

Today under the Urban Category i’m featuring a shot I took with my phone recently in Obalende, Lagos. It is a very busy and ever bubbling transport hub in Lagos, home to a variety of things, its the quintessential melting pot. From here you can get a bus ( small, medium or large) going to anywhere and lets not forget the other modes of transport in Lagos.
The every slinky KeKe (Tricycle) and sometimes bikes.
The parallel line of light inspired me to take a shot through the bus window as we passed underneath on my way home.


(Extra)Ordinary Home

Life on the bridge 2 by rubys polaroid

Man needs 3 essential things to survive and be productive; Food, Shelter and a means of transport, its a fact whether for the rich or poor. This week the Photo Challenge is to present an (Extra)Ordinary shot that opens a window into a world we would have passed by without a thought.
I saw this on a bridge as i sat in traffic, this spot was someone’s home for the moment. His food packed and mobile, his bicycle to move himself and goods leaned on the spot where he would have sat to have breakfast. I guess he was probably in that traffic, hawking for a living and when night comes he might simply go under the bridge to lay.
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Life on a Bridge by rubys polaroid
Life on a Bridge

Streets of Lagos: Street Tilt

Setting Lagos on its edge was the concept. I took all these shots (With the exception of the shot of Civic Towers) from the side of a moving Tricycle (Popularly known as Keke) on my various trips around the city. I’m always looking for new ideas to capture my environment, do you think its crazy or cool. Tell me in your comments.


Ephemeral Heights

Ephemeral denotes a fleeting moment, an appreciation of the NOW as it happens before your eyes. How much more this word applies to our everyday life, the bustle of the city as it breathes. Moments flash by so fast, things happen in a blink.
He is a stranger but in this one moment he was as tall the Civic Towers, reaching a soaring height of 220 foot. I drew on my STREETS OF LAGOS Series for my post response to the Daily Posts Photo Challenge titled EPHEMERAL.

To see more of my Streets of Lagos series, visit my Facebook page – RubysPolaroid
Ephemeral heights by rubys polaroid

Ephemeral heights


Blank Wall

Lady in Red by rubys polaroid


Lady in Red by rubys polaroid
Lady in Red

Wall have always served different functions, to support, to display and to secure. This weeks Photo Challenge is on how you showcase walls in every way, whatever their purpose might be. Sometimes blank walls can showcase the beauty of a city as much as a wall covered in expressive graffiti.
My entry into this weeks challenge titled WALLS. Click for more entries.



Black and White Challenge: Doors of My Urban Eyes

Water Cart PusherWow, and its a wrap guys. This is my final post for this 5 stories 5 Photos Black and White Challenge which i started last week Thursday. If you missed out here is a LINK to all the other posts. Firstly i want to thank Lucile of lucile de godoy for inviting me to the challenge, and for making my love of Monochrome even stronger.

This Last Challenge post is my opening post to a new photo series i will be doing every Thursday: Streets of Lagos.
I will be taking shots with my phone as i move through the city daily, stealing bits of time and life in frozen shots of people, places and things. I’m sure¬†LA CHICA QUE VINO A LA VIDA¬†will be looking forward to it, as she gave me the idea to dedicate a specific day to it.

For my final post i nominate the cool THE GRAVEL GHOST blog, for everything black and white photography and very beautifully done i must add. No pressure though to join, but if you want to here are the guidelines ;

The rules of the 5 Photos-5 Stories challenge are:

1) To post a photo every day for 5 days
2) To write a story to accompany your photo for 5 days (this can be fiction or non-fiction, a page, a paragraph or a poem)
3) To nominate a different person each day

Join me for this week long series and if you feel inspired to go monochrome, take up the challenge ūüôā¬†.