Silver Rain

Silver droplets by rubys polaroid

Today on Natural Monday, our focus is on silvery water droplets.
There were so many, It gave me food for thought when i was taking the shots one early morning recently after a downpour. What  if silver actually fell from the sky in droplets, it might sound weird but probably on some planet in our galaxy it would be possible afterall stranger things have been found But I digressed.

The ground was wet and the wind biting but the rain droplets didn’t even shiver as i bent close to take good shots in the wind.


Forces of Nature: Rain Storm

Its not often you get to experience a rain storm from a distance, Mother Nature in all her windy fury painted the horizon in colours fit for a great painting of a storm. The Rainy Season just started in Lagos so i’ll be experiencing this first hand soon. Cold and Wet is not my favourite feeling but its always a respite from the highs of the heat.
Inspired by WPC This week themed: FORCES OF NATURE




Saw a beautiful graphic composition by a dear friend using 2 or 3 of my shots, It was meant to embody the storm that was on while this design was being done. Lets Know what you think about it.