Streets of Lagos: Sunset on Ozumba

Sorry for the late urban post guys, some work getting in the way 🙂 . Today i bring a shot of a popular street in Lagos at sunset, along with a building washed with amber rays on a Saturday.
Took this shot late last month on my way home from a wedding.

Sunset at Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid
Sunset at Exxon Mobil Lagos

Streets of Lagos: Street Tilt

Setting Lagos on its edge was the concept. I took all these shots (With the exception of the shot of Civic Towers) from the side of a moving Tricycle (Popularly known as Keke) on my various trips around the city. I’m always looking for new ideas to capture my environment, do you think its crazy or cool. Tell me in your comments.

Two in a Pod

Unlikely Friends by rubys polaroid

Natural Monday is on Coincidence, nature’s way of saying anything is possible. I happened on this duo and they were kind enough to stay for some shots. What do you think they were discussing as they chilled inches from each other.

Unlikely Housefly Friends


Streets of Lagos

The streets unfiltered, the different faces and postures of a people in motion. The emptiness or hustle on the roads.


Humanity: Friendship

This week I’m going to deviate from my nature photography, to show up a little bit of street photography. This is also an aspect of photography i love, its instantaneous and its lasting simply because you’ll never get the same look from the same person at the same place ever again and also this is the week of Christmas. A time to reflect, learn and encourage each other, if we don’t understand ourselves how are we supposed to bridge the gap.
Throughout this week from Monday 22nd to friday 26th, i’ll be posting a pic or two on a specific emotion or action.

Today the topic is Friendship,
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend”-
Albert Camus.
This quote says it all.


Billboard Monochrome

Billboard in Lagos by rubys polaroid

Today’s Black and White post is linked to a prompt from a Photo-blogging month task on the photo theme of Architecture. Architecture is a broad description  for buildings and physical structures. It might be for humans or not, as my photo shows. The design of this billboard caught my attention, being that is not the regular and its in a very prime spot. You can’t but notice it.

Billboard in Lagos by rubys polaroid
Billboard in Lagos



Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Lights of Unilag

Inspired by WordPress weekly photo challange, went out to capture my little zone with as much night as i can possibly muster.



A montage of images and flashes with no discernable train of thought.