Midweek Music: Sun Comes Up

Hi guys 🙂 ,

Been awhile since my last Midweek Music post, (whispers apologies). So this week it’s an up beat song with lots of soul and heart. A song towards a great week and weekend.

Title: Sun Comes Up
Artist: Rudimental feat James Arthur
Genre: Neo-Soul

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Midweek Music: The Sway

Hi guys, and how’s your week coming along? Well i’m already beat and the week has 2 more days left.*proceeds to tear imaginary hair out* I’m not a couch potato but i think the weekend should stop walking towards me at snail pace. . .lol
Anyway today it’s the turn of DEEP HOUSE, it’s a sub-sub-genre of Electronic Music. If you don’t know what that is it – It’s a fuse elements of House Music (sub-genre of Electronic Music) with Jazz-Funk and touches of Soul Music to give a nice tempo ballad that’s great for relaxation.

If you are new to my blog or Electronic Music, give it a try. It just might be the song to cool your head 🙂 .

Relax and enjoy 🙂

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Midweek Music – Much Ado About Hello

It’s all the rave now, the words HELLO by Adele has been made almost a cult song of the moment, more covers than imaginable even the challenge on social media is un-missable. It’s the tear jerking song of the year, reminds you of the good, bad and ugly but really when the dust settles and your nostalgic haze clears up if you had been the one hurt would you pick up the epic selfish call of a lifetime to reminisce with someone who ripped your heart out.


I don’t think so. *looks unblinking into your face*

…..or would your answer be a yes. Tell me in your comment. 🙂

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