Shell Secrets

They wash up on our shores in the millions, carrying secrets of the blue oceans. Scoured and marked by waves. sometimes they grow right next to us, twisted and beautiful. The mobile homes of earthy creatures.
The story of two shells from different places with the same secrets.


Black and White Session With a Snail

Had a one on one photo session with a wandering snail. Which shots brought out his character ( i guess him cause frankly i couldn’t


Black and White Challenge: Crystal Dew Drops

Dew Drops monochrome by rubys polaroid
Dew Drops monochrome

Firstly i apologise for this very late post, not my usual posting time but its one of those days where your plans fly out the window ( i’m being very modest here). Ok so here are my thoughts for today on my Black and White 5 day challenge Day 2.

Today’s post is of fresh Dew Drops rendered in monochrome. Took them really close to ground from an angle with a snail close by. I wanted to see how the snail looks at things from so low. Continue reading “Black and White Challenge: Crystal Dew Drops”