WPC: Serene Sky

City Hall Lagos Rooftop 2 by rubys polaroid

It’s not everyday you get access to a buildings rooftop especially in Lagos. It’s dusk and the cool ocean breeze slides over buildings, through streets and into the minds and homes of the city and in Lagos the cool is always welcome. ALWAYS!!!
It’s the Launch Party of Lagos Biennial and honesty i went there more for the opportunity to bask in the open cold air of the evening than the photo party and eccentric music, i did enjoy the music tho.

Eclectic was the word and the tunes where right my alley but my accomplice a rogue typical lasgidi gal didn’t care for Electronic Music or the likes and kept her round eyes glued to her phone all evening. sigh
Today’s WPC Theme is SERENE and what better way to enjoy the evening in a hot, chaotic city than escape to the rooftop. From my perch high up Lagos feels calm, pink hue clouds and cold blue skies all round it really doesn’t feel like the sweltering, noisy beast it usually is. (Motorists and civilians in Lagos will attest to this)

My take on the challenge. Link to the main challenge below

P.S- Did a Black&White conversion to one of the images. What do you think?


WPC: Man Atop

Before i begin with this week’s photo challenge let me say with a warm heart and lots of cheers to me

Happy Blog-Anniversary ❤

I got the message on my dashboard last night 🙂 , my blog hit 3 years TODAY!!!! (pops out the crystal water and KitKat chocolate bar ..lmao), it’s weird that it’s been so long and yet I’ve managed to persevere through on it. It just goes to show if you really love something, you’ll make time no matter the season of your life busy or not.
I Digressed…
I present my take on the challenge by WPC  titled ATOP. The splashes turned from simple to almost human like and desperate to escape the bowl. There’s a link down below to the Challenge page to see other cool posts.
Back to the topic at hand 🙂 , i was rudely inspired (yeah it’s possible (-__-) ) to learn flash photography. Yeah that means buying some more gear soon but i don’t mind so i decided to use what i had on hand to start. I didn’t want to do the whole wine glass thing, or fruit thing or different coloured water thing….oh no it’s not like they aren’t cool but i didn’t want to rehash the usual.
So you as the reader have a fun task to do? Guess what i dropped in the bowl to create these cool splash actions 😀 . Comment down below if you got an idea or if you have cool ideas of what i could try next.



Natural Monday: Sunset Shadows

Pink bloom and crystal by rubys polaroid

Welcome to a new week and a new day 😀

Any plans for #PINKWEEK? I know you are wondering what that is but this is the dreaded week before valentine, when everywhere is a daze of adverts and bows of RED.
So lets start this week in tones of Pink and this very beautiful flower (Pink Bougainvillea) that grows at home is the muse for the week.

Have a lovely week ahead ❤

Pink bloom and crystal by rubys polaroid
Pink Bloom

WPC: Graceful Models

This week GRACE and its entourage feelings of elegance and effortlessness are on display in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. 
  1. having or showing grace or elegance.

It’s a quality that’s not limited to humans, Mother Nature has badges in that dept especially with her array of beautiful birds, insects and mammals. Today i focus on the Fashion World, Models are taught to walk and exude effortless grace all the while dressed in expensive wear and crazy high heels. I don’t know how they do it but it’s always a beauty to behold.

This is from last year’s GTB Fashion Weekend Runway Show which showcased 10 Fashion Designers, in total. The line up included 2 Nigerians – Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi and Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Adama Paris (Senegalese), Taibo Bacar (Mozambican), David Tlale (South African), Julien Macdonald (Welsh).
This is a 2nd in my series of posts from that tightly packed weekend. Here’s a link to the first 🙂 – GTB FSHN WKND 1.

I feel they where beautiful and graceful strutting down the catwalk both male and female models. Does their effortless poise come through the pictures?


A Relaxing View of Next Year

Hi guys 🙂 , finally back from my blog holiday and i must say i miss the hub-nub of the WordPress Sphere. There’s always something new to see and experience. My first note is the new WordPress reader, its now configured to show just like a blog with different templates for images, videos and texts pretty. . .pretty cool 😀
How’s the Christmas rush on your side of the world? Right now its almost at blur-speed ( that’s just below stampede. . lool) and i honestly have no plans yet, shocking right? yeah i know (sigh)

This is my way of jumping back into the blogsphere, chill views of the Lagoon on striking days.

Merry Christmas-in-Advance



It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Fashion Shows

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Fashion Shows and lots of it. Now is the time Fashion Houses, and the industry pump out Spring/Summer Collections. What’s In verses What’s Out, on every fashionista’s mind is did my favorite trend of the year make it into next years trends and what’s new?
I picked 2 silhouette shots taken during the just concluded GTB Fashion Weekend, David Tlale’s Collection was on show and i’ll be sharing my shots of that on Thursday on this blog. On a more quiet note my birthday was on Thursday and it was pretty quiet….*crickets chirping*…very quiet, i guess that’s what happens if it falls in between Monday and Thursday it naturally moves over to the weekend. 

Hers’s to a wonderful weekend, and check out the link to see more entries of this Photo Challenge.
WPC: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


WPC: Tiny Beauties

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Sometimes its nice to look a bit closer to the ground and appreciated the smaller things that are just out of sight.
This week I peeked closer at the millions of wispy wild flowers that make fields. they may be tiny but oh they are pretty 🙂 in their own fleeting way.
Inspired by
WPC: Tiny


WPC: Steel Edge

This weekend what i’m serving on my blog are for the newest WordPress Photo Challenge. Give an edge to your shots be it an actual edge or implied in visual tension.
I took recent photos of a yellow steel float used for piping on the seas, the earlier post is HERE. So as promised a new batch 🙂

All with the leading edge. To see more entries – WPC: EDGE