Cee BW Challenge: Textured Shadows

LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail

Been awhile i posted to this awesome challenge but no more excuses 😀 . The theme is TEXTURE, i did a BW Conversion of a pic i took on a recent Nature Walk.
Link below to check out the other great submissions.
Cee BW Challenge: TEXTURE

Natural Monday: Nature Walk

LCC Nature Walk 2 by rubys polaroid

A new week and more of the same work/job, it’s good to take a break once in awhile and do something totally different. So today i’ll show more pics from my adventure at a local tourist spot; Lekki Conservation Centre.

Did an earlier post on my Sky High Canopy Walk within the facility –  Ooh Shiny Sky Bridge.


It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Fashion Shows

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Fashion Shows and lots of it. Now is the time Fashion Houses, and the industry pump out Spring/Summer Collections. What’s In verses What’s Out, on every fashionista’s mind is did my favorite trend of the year make it into next years trends and what’s new?
I picked 2 silhouette shots taken during the just concluded GTB Fashion Weekend, David Tlale’s Collection was on show and i’ll be sharing my shots of that on Thursday on this blog. On a more quiet note my birthday was on Thursday and it was pretty quiet….*crickets chirping*…very quiet, i guess that’s what happens if it falls in between Monday and Thursday it naturally moves over to the weekend. 

Hers’s to a wonderful weekend, and check out the link to see more entries of this Photo Challenge.
WPC: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


WPC: Night Magic

Make Magic!!! Create beauty in ways to inspire the mind..what about putting out all the lights and leaving your mind with endless possibilities?
That is what i try to achieve with this week’s shot, it’s literally a shot in the dark(lol) of a night-time barber shop under a huge umbrella. A quick set up but in pitch darkness its an island of light, i almost missed this shot contemplating where or not to take it i’m so glad i raise my hands to take the shot.

Inspired by WPC: Magic


WPC: Pure Lines

Pure is a word that denotes…….PURITY.
I know, i know that’s tautology but i’m allowed 🙂 anyway it actually denotes a singularity, something whole, unmixed or free from any other entity.
So my take on this is well. .  . . un-stereotypical or i wish it to be by posting some pictures that would only bring one thing to your mind, whatever that might be by stripping all distracting colours to present it as it really is….simply Lines.

P.S – To see other awesome posts on this theme, here’s a link WPC: PURE


After Dark

After Dusk by rubys polaroid

Sometimes words are too long,
or too short or just not right.

Its after dark and the streetlights are lit
Time for the night crawlers to come out
and say hi 🙂

After Dusk by rubys polaroid
After Dusk

Onward March

What a week, barely started and i can say its a real roller coaster *rolls eyes* ,anyhow i can’t let that stop my blog 😀 so here’s another from Nysc Collection. A montage of some moments during my camp endurance trek. I did an earlier post with a WPC theme.
My fav are the Corper’s shadow shot and the Hawker girl. What are yours?

P.S A sneak peek of my new fashion photography work will be on Friday 😀 .Hope you guys love it.



Dawn Silhouettes

Dawn Silhouettes by rubys polaroid
Dawn Silhouettes by rubys polaroid
Dawn Silhouettes

Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dawn Silhouettes 2 by rubys polaroid
Dawn Silhouettes 2

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. – Abraham Lincoln

Can you then say there is more to a silhouette of  a man, than being a mere shadow of the being. What does your shadow say of you.