Friday Haiku: Covering Our True Colours

Colours speak volumes
Quietly beneath the shades
That cover our sins

Image Credit: Pixabay

Caterpillar: Colour Stripped

Caterpillars as my gallery below shows, are beautiful in any light. The exquisite strips and spots, classic and clean just like the Zebra of the African plain. Colour sometimes distracts, with the brilliant display nature puts on everyday. The mute of Black and White helps to appreciate the details and efficiency of nature.

Did You Know:
A caterpillar has as many as 4,000 muscles in its body. By comparison, humans have just 629 muscles in a considerably larger body.
The majority of caterpillars are cryptically colored and bear resemblance to the plants on which they feed as a defensive mechanism.

For a comparison check my previous post in colour HERE.


Shady Reflection

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid

Monochrome Tuesday with a twist. My photography muse today was a shot taken in camp. Played around with it by selectively allowing some areas retain their original look.

Let me know what you think in your comments. Cheers 😀

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid
Colorful reflection