WPC: Serene Sky

City Hall Lagos Rooftop 2 by rubys polaroid

It’s not everyday you get access to a buildings rooftop especially in Lagos. It’s dusk and the cool ocean breeze slides over buildings, through streets and into the minds and homes of the city and in Lagos the cool is always welcome. ALWAYS!!!
It’s the Launch Party of Lagos Biennial and honesty i went there more for the opportunity to bask in the open cold air of the evening than the photo party and eccentric music, i did enjoy the music tho.

Eclectic was the word and the tunes where right my alley but my accomplice a rogue typical lasgidi gal didn’t care for Electronic Music or the likes and kept her round eyes glued to her phone all evening. sigh
Today’s WPC Theme is SERENE and what better way to enjoy the evening in a hot, chaotic city than escape to the rooftop. From my perch high up Lagos feels calm, pink hue clouds and cold blue skies all round it really doesn’t feel like the sweltering, noisy beast it usually is. (Motorists and civilians in Lagos will attest to this)

My take on the challenge. Link to the main challenge below

P.S- Did a Black&White conversion to one of the images. What do you think?


Natural Serenity

Serene sunset by rubys polaroid

Serenity is a state of being calm and at peace with one’s self . My way of being calm is to stop whatever I’m doing and observe, people in their goings and nature at its best.

After taking a series of sunset shots on this particular evening, I stood transfixed till the sun died and gave way to darkness. Of course people passing would think something is wrong but it’s never wrong to observe nature and her palate of colours at work.
This photo says just that for me. Weekly WordPress Photography Challenge : Serenity
Serene sunset by rubys polaroid
Serene sunset