Midweek Music: Sea

Hallo 🙂 ,

This is the third week running  ( 🙂 i skipped last week lol) of my recent music playlist crush tunes off the FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game) and it’s perfect for another chilling Wednesday :D.

Title: Sea
Artist: Roosevelt
Genre: Indie Rock

P.S – Over the next 5 Wednesdays, i’ll be tuning out tunes from the chilling game Indie OST, see you next week Wednesday 🙂

Image Credit : youtube.com



Natural Monday: Salty Waves

Hi guys, welcome to a new week and an awesome Monday 😀
Today I’ll be posting in Monochrome, frankly the strength of Black and White pics have a way of pulling your eyes in some aspects of photography. My shots were taken at the beach, on a cloudy day with lots of chilly waves. Not the best of days but the shots were well worth it.
Will be posting them as often as i can work on them, hopefully next week I’ll start off September in a Sporty way *Keeping my fingers crossed*.
Enjoy the rest of your day where ever on the Greenwich Meridian you are 😀


WPC: Narrow Vision

Tunnel vision can be described as focusing only on a narrow line of thought or sight. That is what came to mind when i saw this week’s WP Challenge topic. I discovered this abandoned floating sea pipe, probably from the not too distant on-going island development. It was beautifully rusted and bruised from the sea. 

Expect more detailed shots of this yellow steel beauty. For now, I’ve uploaded 2 images. Do you prefer the distant capture or up-close?

To see more pespectives – WPC:NARROW


Urban Thursday: Sunset Strip

Lagos Sunset by rubys polaroid

Another beautiful Thursday sunset shot. How are you preparing for the weekend, it starts tomorrow 😀