Midweek Music: Burn Fast

Relax guys and enjoy a chill song discovered on Youtube on one of my fav music channels.

Enjoy 🙂

Artist: Bryce Fox ( (Louis Vivet Remix)
Track: Burn Fast
Genre: House

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Midweek Music: Back On The Wall

Welcome back to another beautiful and Love Yeah, yeah i hear you. February comes once in a year so bear with it 😀 )
This track is a follow up to last weeks Valentine track. Here’s a link to the Post – AFTERLIFE.

Artist – Greyson Chance,
Track –Back On The Wall
Genre – POP

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Haiku Friday: Warm Nights

Stretched over your lark
Summer’s warm arms around us
lush sighs lift skyward

Inspired by RonvanWrites Haiku Challenge 116: Lark&Lush
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Midweek Music: Trading Yesterday

This is for the Alternative Rock fans 🙂 . Discovered their song while sifting through YouTube videos, the song that made me dig further into their songs is the audio for today’s post – Love Song Requiem. 
Slow, with beautiful words. You couldn’t ask for a better theme song for a romantic scene.

P.S – They changed their name to Age of Information. ( I preferred the original band name it sounded more Rockish…. just my opinion tho )

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