Midweek Music: Kyra (The Midnight Remix)

Hallo 🙂 ,

How’s your week going? Any #MondayBlues left over 🙂 hope not though but just in case i’ve a feel good wanderlust track for the rest of the week. It’s an Electronic Track Remixed by my favourite band right now; THE MIDNIGHT. Loving the retro vibes they add to the track. 

Enjoy and
Have a Great Week ❤

Title: Kyra (The Midnight Remix)
Genre: Retrowave, Synthpop, Electronic 

Image Credit : youtube.com



Midweek Music: Gramatik

Last Wednesday of 2016 and its a beautiful day to set the pace for the last 4 days of the year 🙂 . I picked a Jenaux remix  of a cool Up-Beat Electro Funk track titled Native Son Prequel by the artist; GRAMATIK feat Leo Napier. Discovered it on my many rounds on YouTube, lean back turn the volume a lil higher and add some funk into the last days of 2016.

Enjoy 🙂

Image Credit : YouTube.com



Hi Peeps,

Sorry for the super long break from my blog, had to get some long overdue things off my plate 🙂 . I’m back and been binge reading my WordPress reader all morning…..ah before I tattle too much, here’s my Midweek Music inspiration. Another gem caught in my recent YouTube trawling..lol.
(*whispering* Pssst….have I said how much of an anime fan I am. Well now you know 😀 )

It’s an MEP (Multi Editor Project) and its usually a fan made music video where they use video clips from their favorite anime episodes…
and they add music to the clips to make a video.



Video: Youtube.com

Image: Harusakutori Amv