Friday Haiku: Christmas Bells

The bells of Christmas,
Toll only for one morning,
In eternal love.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 128: Bells&Ring

Image Credit: Pixabay.com 


Midweek Music: Falling Skies

Hallo peeps 🙂 , how’s your Wednesday going? 
Much ado about #Rock, today let me introduce your to an awesome genre for my #RockLovers. Get your headbanger headset ready and plug in cause its an awesome song.
The track is called Falling Skies and its by the group RED, off the album: Of Beauty and Rage its the fifth studio album from the American rock band. The genre is – EPIC ROCK. (I kid you not, its a classical styled rock derived from Trailer Music….long and short that means a sub-genre of movie soundtracks, i hope that’s a short enough answer) and there are a lot of cool bands one of which is Two Steps To Hell, their songs have graced alot of epic movies and the like.
ok, ok enough English time for music… 

Enjoy 😀

Image Credit : youtube.com

P.S – Tune in next week cause i’ll be playing a track from the Famed Orchestra-Rock Band Two Steps To Hell



Natural Monday: Inverse

Hi peeps, how was your weekend? Mine was too short …\(~_~)/
…any-who my photography exploration today was practiced on Pink Bougainvillea blooms. How best to represent the pink fusion on a minimalist palette, did i make the mark?
Tell me what you think in the comments 😀 , and have a great week ahead


Wild and Red

Wild red by rubys polaroid

MONDAY, ahhh yes it is the start of a new week and i too wish the weekend wasn’t over but we do have to work sometime 🙂 . My first nature post in NaBloPoMo‘s month long November challenge. (Click the link for more info on the event)
Today I’ll be presenting something simple and RED, a very stark colour in a nearby field of greens and browns.
The nettles held so many droplets of rainwater, almost glistening in the calm and weak sunlight of the morning.


Blank Wall

Lady in Red by rubys polaroid


Lady in Red by rubys polaroid
Lady in Red

Wall have always served different functions, to support, to display and to secure. This weeks Photo Challenge is on how you showcase walls in every way, whatever their purpose might be. Sometimes blank walls can showcase the beauty of a city as much as a wall covered in expressive graffiti.
My entry into this weeks challenge titled WALLS. Click for more entries.



Dragon day II: flame red

Flame red, a colour vivid and brilliant. The dragonfly under scrutiny today patiently perched on a water streaked leaf while I took shots to my hearts content.
To see the other post on Dragonflies.