WPC: Rain Drop Surprises

Rain Drop Diamonds by rubys Polaroid

Happy Easter

It’s in the holiday spirit that i’m posting a rain inspired shot. Its been raining alot in Lagos the past week one can’t help thinking they are showers of blessings to go along with the Easter tones of repentance and hope.
Photography is a thing of guts, sometimes you just know a shot will look good you might not know how good but sometimes you shot surprises you more than you could have thought. My shot at first glance was ordinary but when i converted it to Monochrome it really stood out. Have you been surprised by something unexpectedly good of recent?

Link down below to the WPC page with out great submmisions to the challenge.

Rain Drop Diamonds by rubys Polaroid
Rain Drop Diamonds

Yellowy September

Morning peeps, how did your weekend go? Mine was pretty short and i think I still need more sleep *yawn*.
Anywho today is Natural Monday, so I picked a bright sunny yellow flower to start the week on a bright note. It was a bit of a challenge as flowers with single colour tones mostly have burn out or bright spots if photographed in full sunlight.
I waited for a cloudy day and just after the drizzle I took these shots.

I’m always open to great photography advice, if you’ve got ideas go over to the comments and share 😀

P.S – I recently enrolled for Blogging 201, its one of WordPress Blogging Courses you can read up on them HERE. so for the next 2/3 weeks my blogging schedule will change.


Green II: Leafy

Fallen leaves, rain soaked leaves in all their drippy, watery glory.

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