Midweek Music: Lana Del Rey

How’s your first week of March coming? Are you surfing on a high or just wishing this week will be over. Well I’m for the latter any-who my song for today’s post is the song that brought this Tragedy Song Siren –Lana Del ReyΒ to my attention. This song struck a deep cord in the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio “The Great Gatsby”. (And finally he won an Oscar this year …..Hallelujah)

Eternal love is no joke, after all is said and done will it remain or will it have washed away with yesterday’s tears. Β That’s something everyone secretly asks but is never ready for an answer, call it one of life’s trick questions and she sang a beautiful song worth of its importance.



Natural Monday: Purple Haze

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers isn’t as beautiful as one single flower in full bloom. That’s the feeling i got when i stripped away the colourful noise to reveal this single blooms presence.
My muse for today is a common wild flower, usually a creeper and it’s photosensitive (blooms when the sun comes up).


Midweek Music: Dead by April

For the HardRock fans, some much needed scream music to get through the week with good tunes πŸ˜€ .

Natural Monday: Relentless

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid

Its another Monday (sigh), a new week new opportunities and familiar faces. How did your Monday go? Hectic or a complete drag….
My muse today is the unrelenting wild grass that bursts out at every little crack in our concrete jungle, Mother Nature sure knows how to get her foot in, be it rock or solid concrete.

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid
Kerb Corner

An old sunset, A new Dawn

In a few hours the last day of 2015 will end, drawing a close to the year with fireworks, prayers and lots of alcohol to usher in the new year.
We do this every year. so what will you do differently in 2016? Everyone has a list…..and practically no-one will stick to it. So for my final post this year, a little advice. Out of your Fantasy List,

Pick One ….and STICK TO IT.

My Urban Shots today are of a billboard at a popular roundabout along the Lekki-Epe Axis, took it at dusk some days ago. A sunset, a day and time that will never repeat itself. Simply now a memory to reflect on.



Last Natural Monday of 2015: Blooms and Wasps


Merry Christmas In Arrears.

*And i hit the 500 WordPress Followers Mark last week πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *

Now that I’ve duly said my Seasons Greetings πŸ˜€ , how is the Last Monday of 2015 faring for you?
Right now everyone is a in a furious rush to tidy up this outgoing year, buy any last minute gifts and hampers for the New Year. I, myself have been less than prepared with my blog as I’ve actually not had a post since last upper week Friday.
*lots of things happening in the background, my sincerest apologies*

Today i’ll be sharing my last flower images for 2015 and hopefully next week i’ll forage through my stats and post my most popular images on my blog for 2015. πŸ˜€


Midweek Music: Bring Me The Horizon

Another new discovery of mine, BRING ME THE HORIZON πŸ™‚ ,a very cool band . Awesome headbanging music *Rock On*
Check out their new album, titled: That’s The Spirit. I’ll give it an 8 (my opinion tho) loved all the songs save 1 or 2.

Urban Ex: Lagos Lagoon At Night

Lagos lagoon at night by rubys polaroid

This is one of the pleasures of living close to the lagoon, on a clear and still night beautiful reflections dance from across the distance. In the center with the red light trail is a very, very TALL comm mast located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. The Ikoyi-Lekki Bridge stands distinct to the far right, its a beacon of beauty even at night.
Took this with my new camera, Nikon D5300 and for a first time night photography attempt i quite loved it. Not as clear as i hoped, one was taken at a higher ISO than the other but still great.

Comments on the shot or tips on better night photography are very welcome, see you in the comment section πŸ˜€ .