Natural Monday: Pink Hues

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid

Hi guys,

…..And welcome to a beautiful New Week full of deadlines, traffic, more smog a bit more rain if you happen to live in Lagos and the regular crazy-ass road hogs (also known as public transport drivers (-__-))
Today my  Nature post is an Infrared Conversion of a shot taken at my Alma Mater; University of Lagos, the Engineering Department to be precise. The building right behind the statue is a lecture hall for combined classes.

Have An Awesome Week ūüėÄ

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid
Infrared Engineering Dept University Of Lagos



MidWeek Music: Falling Skies

A very cool track from the¬†widely respected Dubstep artist;501. He is a Finnish DJ and Producer¬†by the name of Jussi Lev√§salmi. This track, quite old but it’s the song that pulled me into the music genre known as Dubstep.

Relax and enjoy ūüôā

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Natural Monday: Inverse

Hi peeps, how was your weekend? Mine was too short …\(~_~)/
…any-who my photography exploration today was practiced on Pink Bougainvillea blooms. How best to represent the pink fusion on a minimalist palette, did i make the mark?
Tell me what you think in the comments ūüėÄ , and have a great week ahead



Midweek Music: Steal Your Heart

Today’s track is a¬†Progressive House track. The Duo are called BRKLYN, based in L.A. Their track¬†is called Break Your Heart, another discovery¬†on my favorite YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep.


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Natural Monday: A First of Many

Hello guys, and welcome to a new month, the Eight (8) month to be precise. Some say the number 8 stands for beauty and a new beginning. To that end i wish you a new beginning in the year no matter what the past months have been.
. . . And to kick off the new month a shot from my latest set. Pink Bougainvilleas in the shades of sunset.



Natural Monday: Fading Yellow

Natural Monday is back yayyy…’s been off for awhile cause of my laptop being off commission. To re-start my monday posts i’m posting 2 cool close up shots of yelow fading leaves.
Have a lovely week ahead ūüėÄ


Friday Haiku: Twilight

Twins of the cosmos,
The sun’s waning goodbye kiss,
Tempting moon’s pure love.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge: Sun & Moon

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Midweek Music: Savoy and Sound Remedy

This is for the Electro-pop fans , a truly hypnotic mix that’s been on my repeat list for 2 weeks straight….yeah its that ¬†cool. Two artists mixed in their Rock and Dub-step influences with a hint of ¬†Future ¬†Bass(….. i know that’s a lot to put in ¬†one go ¬†but ¬†it turned out awesome.)

Hope you enjoy it.