Natural Monday: Pink Hues

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid

Hi guys,

…..And welcome to a beautiful New Week full of deadlines, traffic, more smog a bit more rain if you happen to live in Lagos and the regular crazy-ass road hogs (also known as public transport drivers (-__-))
Today my Β Nature post is an Infrared Conversion of a shot taken at my Alma Mater; University of Lagos, the Engineering Department to be precise. The building right behind the statue is a lecture hall for combined classes.

Have An Awesome Week πŸ˜€

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid
Infrared Engineering Dept University Of Lagos



Natural Monday: Miniature Pink

Tiny Pink Flower by rubys polaroid

Morning guys πŸ™‚ , it’s been awhile since i did a purely nature post on Monday. Unforgivably i let my work get the better of me *sad face* , so this month after an impromptu break i’m back and this is my first nature post of June. HAPPY NEW MONTH πŸ˜€Β 

Tiny Pink Flower by rubys polaroid
Tiny Pink Flower

Natural Monday: Flower Blur

Pink Bougainvillea Bloom Up Close by rubys polaroid

…And the hustle resumes. Welcome to a new week and a new Monday, how was your weekend?
I’ve just got one shot to share before i dash backing to the groove of work and it’s of my favorite flowers *wink*.
If you guessed Pink Bougainvilleas, you got it πŸ™‚ . Don;t know how they fascinate me so much considering i dislike the colour Pink *cringe*.
Enjoy the view and join me tomorrow for a Black and White Themed Tuesday πŸ™‚ ciao!!!

Have a lovely week ahead πŸ™‚

Pink Bougainvillea Bloom Up Close by rubys polaroid
Pink Bougainvillea Bloom Up Close

Natural Monday: BW Blush

Morning guys, how was your weekend? ….i’m not gonna complain it was short cause well it’s never as long as i wished it could be *moppy face*.
I digress….So onto the post for today.
It’s all about Pink Bougainvilleas in a selective monochrome feel, i felt the pink would go unappreciated if left against the green-yellow leaves so i muted all colours but the flower blooms and i quite like the result πŸ™‚ . Do you feel it’s better this way or it should be left unaltered? Let me know in the comments.

Have a Great Week Ahead πŸ™‚

Natural Monday: Deep Pink

Pink Bougainvillea by rubys polaroid

Today i feel a bout of PINK coming on πŸ˜€ . How was your first weekend of July?
A Muslim holiday is coming up soon so i’m in a good mood. Β Pink Bougainvillea


Pretty In Septembery Pink

Pink is one colour all girls can associate with at whatever stage in life. There’s no girl who hasn’t wanted to wear and be admired in something flirty and pink, all the more true for a pink tiara with real sapphires.
Yes, I know most people associate the word Sapphires with blue but there are pink sapphires. Sapphires with an extra element to give it a pink colour.
Sapphires are the birthstone of September, so when I saw the pink version of these flowers I just had to stop and take some shots. Nature does pink very well, all the more reason for all the special gals I know who where born in this month to feel special wearing pink flowers.


Creepy Pink Spider

This week its tiny, creepy and PINK!!!!!
Yes, its a cute pink spider. Its supposed to be creepy but i don’t think nature intended that, i found Her (I say that because its pink) on a wild flower i was taking shots of, aΒ very lucky pretty find πŸ˜€ .
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Pink Oleanders II

Spurred by the crazy pink of yesterday, i went monochrome mad with the shots i loved of the Oleanders. What do you think, too little or too much?
To see the original shots, click HERE.