Natural Monday: Pigeon

It’s not everyday you get up close and personal with a pigeon, and also some time for portraits and side but i did and i was so lucky that day. This is a local bird specie and even through it’s a pigeon its real name is The Laughing Dove Pigeon (I’ve never seen one smile much less laugh so the name has never made sense to me), maybe it was a joke amongst the Ornithologists. (- its a branch of zoology that concerns the study of birds)


Weekend Watcher

Silent Watcher by rubys polaroid

Sigh, i can’t wait for the weekend i can only stand and wait which is what this local bird is doing.
Although i don’t think he is waiting for the weekend 😀

Silent Watcher by rubys polaroid
Silent Watcher

Black and White Lone Pigeon

lone pigeon by rubys polaroid

I was honoured 2 days ago by being invited by lucile de godoy to join her in a 5 stories-5 photos Black and White Challenge, this is my first post in this week long series.
This photo is one of my lucky shots, walking by a neighbour’s fence this friendly lil guy flaps down and is curious when i bring out my camera, even allowing me to come pretty close. He posed for a good close up and flew up, hovering for a moment then he was off.
I’ve always wondered what in their mind when the turn to look as we fumble with our camera to take pictures, they are always aware. Rarely birds are caught off guard by watching photographers.

lone pigeon by rubys polaroid
lone pigeon

For day 1, I’d like to invite my fellow photo-blogger Martin Dzurjaník at Almost Monochrome World to join me in this challenge. His posts rendered in Monochrome are Black and White gems. They evoke emotions that i thought where reserved for colour strewn shots.

The rules of the 5 Photos-5 Stories challenge are:

1) To post a photo every day for 5 days
2) To write a story to accompany your photo for 5 days (this can be fiction or non-fiction, a page, a paragraph or a poem)
3) To nominate a different person each day

Join me for this week long series and if you feel inspired to go monochrome, join me 🙂  .