colourful minimalism

I’m an avid lover of all things minimalist, from architecture (my field) to photo/art. They say the Haiku is the epitome of minimalists poetry. Three lines to say all and nothing. Not an easy feat by any means.
This is my try at a minimalist photo. I hope it stays true to the art form I am trying to mimic.

Minimal nature by rubys polaroid
Minimal nature

dragon day I

Nature is beautiful in all its forms, big to small, animate to inanimate. I have grown fond of these little creatures, not for the flight abilities but for their beauty. A closer look was all it took to convince me. What about you?


Billboard Monochrome

Billboard in Lagos by rubys polaroid

Today’s Black and White post is linked to a prompt from a Photo-blogging month task on the photo theme of Architecture. Architecture is a broad description  for buildings and physical structures. It might be for humans or not, as my photo shows. The design of this billboard caught my attention, being that is not the regular and its in a very prime spot. You can’t but notice it.

Billboard in Lagos by rubys polaroid
Billboard in Lagos



burst of pink

Natural Monday’s pink touch of colour was inspired by a photo topic from WordPress Photo-blogging 101 prompt- A Touch of Colour.



Angular: Green

Green Corner by rubys polaroid

Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge this week draws up the topic ANGULAR. Simply put its having angles or an angular shape. It could also mean unyielding or stiff.
Nature is known to be an unyielding force in our world, springing up where ever she can, creeping in at every opportunity or simply changing the landscape in a sweeping change. My photo interpretation of nature is that of an ever resourceful agent, showing up in a little known corner of concrete marking it with green life.

Green Corner by rubys polaroid
Green Corner2

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Flatline Skyline

Lagos has never really had a beautiful( or organised) skyline. Looking up developed as a habit because the horizon never appealed to me. So i sky-gaze as a habit, especially on a beautiful day outside. Catching striking moments is what inspired the shots.
Got a little help from a friend @1mancabal. Can you spot which is his?


Silver Drops

Monochrome Tuesday today draws up a macro shot of water drops on a fallen leaf. I see silver tears from a cloudy sky. What do you see?

silver drops by rubys polaroid
silver drops

Mind Series III: On The Edge

yellow crossing by rubyspolaroid
My mind wanders, staring at the rising sun reminiscing on various seemingly flighty thoughts and experiences. This is just one of them.
Big red rolling giants, swaying with speed
The little yellow hares dart between nimble and speedy
The steady green tortoise, sure footed, lofty and on time
All 3 creatures racing on this black liquid highway that feeds my town
with life, the ceaseless faceless lanes ever moving, ever constant
Sitting in a shifty yellow hare today,
My reward is a face full of gritty dust, loud swears and a sweaty seat grip.
The din of traffic on a 28C sunny Saturday morning
does nothing for my ebbing time
The vice shepherd of my nifty hare decided to be as a deaf man,
with a sneer for his roused and angry charges.
Money always brings out the best in all men is my thought
as I stare at the escalating chaos
As though a golden apple was tossed, a flash of fists and our little hare grinds to a halt
The only two quiet souls in the Hare, glance into each others eyes.
Sharing for a second a secret smile, a knowing twinkle and the thought ‘ Here we go again’.
Welcome, welcome to the edge of the giant Lagos, home to all and sundry,
vices and virtue neck to neck under the blistering sun
and haze of earth brown road dust.
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