Weightless Flight by rubys polaroid

The Muse: FLIGHT
Inspired by: WordPress Photo Challenge

Take a leap of faith,
Shift from the common and sure,
Emerge new and free.                                      – Tolulope Sanusi, 2016.

Everyone desires freedom, but are we truly ready for what it entails. The simple act of letting go has proven over centuries to be a trait we never get a hang of. It brings feelings of loneliness and fear, two words that take on different forms and chase us back to our closets and comfort zones.
Maybe its time you did what you feared, to become the person you dream to be.


Monochromatic: Green Haze

Green Haze by rubys polaroid

Of a single minded focus
Draping the earth a luscious verdant
Never tiring from her eternal duty
Of caring for her children in every form.

Green Haze by rubys polaroid
Green Haze


Commuters in Motion

Reflection in Motion by rubys polaroid

People in motion, always a beauty to capture. They are mostly pedestrians but an unusual motorcycle(for Lagos anyway) and its rider caught my eye as well.
Culled from my Streets of Lagos Series.
Inspired by WPC this week themed MOTION.