Urban Thursday: Obalende Bridge Lagos

Obalende Bridge Underpass Lagos by rubys polaroid
Obalende Bridge Underpass Lagos by rubys polaroid
Obalende Bridge Underpass

Today under the Urban Category i’m featuring a shot I took with my phone recently in Obalende, Lagos. It is a very busy and ever bubbling transport hub in Lagos, home to a variety of things, its the quintessential melting pot. From here you can get a bus ( small, medium or large) going to anywhere and lets not forget the other modes of transport in Lagos.
The every slinky KeKe (Tricycle) and sometimes bikes.
The parallel line of light inspired me to take a shot through the bus window as we passed underneath on my way home.


Shady Reflection

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid

Monochrome Tuesday with a twist. My photography muse today was a shot taken in camp. Played around with it by selectively allowing some areas retain their original look.

Let me know what you think in your comments. Cheers 😀

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid
Colorful reflection

Corper’s Dawn

Corper's Dawn by rubys polaroid
Dawn is always beautiful, no matter the state you are in. Looking at the sky as the light peels the darkness away will always move your soul no matter how hardened the night has made it.
 Rising early is always a challenge but the rewards are as sweet. I had no choose in this tho, camp rules every one is up by 4am. Groggy and pissed i took this shots but they were worth sneaking my camera into camp.
Enjoy just like i did. Inspired by Early Bird WP photo challenge. To see more entries this week, click the link.

Streets of Lagos: Lekki Axis

My very post on this new series and I’m very excited 😀 . Today my shots on display were taken along The Lekki-Epe axis. From the homeless man sleeping at the road junction, the wayside fruit seller, to the perky inscription on the rear of a petrol tanker.


Streets of Lagos posts will be on every Thursday. To see more shots of Lagos join me on instagram where I’ll be uploading a lot more and as I take them real time. My instagram name is RubysPolaroid.


Streets of Lagos

The streets unfiltered, the different faces and postures of a people in motion. The emptiness or hustle on the roads.


Shadowed Camp Ground

shadowed camp ground by rubys polaroid

In far away ISEYIN ,
Under the shadows of night fall,
A flash of light casts a beautiful mural on the dusty brown parade ground.
(From my collection of NYSC camp photos).

This is how i captured it.
Featured in WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge SHADOWED

shadowed camp ground by rubys polaroid
shadowed camp ground