Musical Entourage

In the Yoruba kingdom, it is customary for the king to be ushered in to any event or anywhere with music. His title demands it and this King was  no different, during his visit to my camp we were entertained by his entourage as he was ushered in and also during his speech they chorused his praises.

Info Bits
– The musical instrument in the first picture is a Sekere.  A Sekere is a melodic shaker; beads or cowrie shells beautifully wound around a gourd, shaken, beaten by fists occasionally and thrown in the air to create a festive mood.
– The musical instrument in the last two pictures is a Talking Drum. The talking drum is an hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa, whose pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human speech.

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Open Skies

My first landscape shots of the month and they are from my NYSC Camp collection. See the collection HERE.
I have a love for the open sky, there’s just nothing like feeling the expanse of earth for your eyes to savour and marvel.
Blue also happens to be my favourite colour (No surprise there 🙂 ).
My first addition also to my blogging friend lucile de godoy‘s Photo 101 Rehab Clinic.

When last where you under open un-shielded skies?


Nature’s Shadow

In The Tree Shadow by rubys polaroid
In The Tree Shadow by rubys polaroid
In The Tree Shadow

Afternoon activities in the shade of mother nature. Her big tree branches stretch out seemingly grasping the white clouds over head, while a wilful youth passes by.

Corper’s Dawn

Corper's Dawn by rubys polaroid
Dawn is always beautiful, no matter the state you are in. Looking at the sky as the light peels the darkness away will always move your soul no matter how hardened the night has made it.
 Rising early is always a challenge but the rewards are as sweet. I had no choose in this tho, camp rules every one is up by 4am. Groggy and pissed i took this shots but they were worth sneaking my camera into camp.
Enjoy just like i did. Inspired by Early Bird WP photo challenge. To see more entries this week, click the link.

Girls Afloat

Getting air time while taking pictures is super fun, staying afloat free of the ground for long gives you the briefest feeling of euphoria. My friends in camp where having their bit of air time so i took pics. Their joyous faces is quite infectious if you ask me.

Inspired by WPC this week titled AFLOAT

Girls air time by rubys polaroid
Girls air time


Friendship by rubys polaroid

“Sometimes you don’t need a reason, sometimes words fail you not because you cant think but because its already been said.” – Tolulope Sanusi 2015

Have a lovely week ahead.


Natural Serenity

Serene sunset by rubys polaroid

Serenity is a state of being calm and at peace with one’s self . My way of being calm is to stop whatever I’m doing and observe, people in their goings and nature at its best.

After taking a series of sunset shots on this particular evening, I stood transfixed till the sun died and gave way to darkness. Of course people passing would think something is wrong but it’s never wrong to observe nature and her palate of colours at work.
This photo says just that for me. Weekly WordPress Photography Challenge : Serenity
Serene sunset by rubys polaroid
Serene sunset