Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Stadium

I don’t think i’ll quite get over the Holiday backlash of every passing year…..WHY! WHY!! Aren’t the holidays a little longer. (sigh)
Today i’m posting from my NYSC Archives for this Black&White Challenge, taken in the run up to my Passing Out Parade of my Youth Corp Program.  Check the link to see other cool submissions and i’ll see you tomorrow 🙂 for a dose of Midweek Music. Ciao


Teslim Stadium Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid
Teslim Stadium Lagos 2

Jump into The Week

Military Hop Skip by rubys polaroid

So…..its not my usual Monday post but everyone has that Monday morning where they drag themselves outta bed by their feet, do the motions for the day while their brain is half asleep. Yup, i had that Monday today…sigh
  It was for a good cause, i attended the just concluded #GTBFashionWeekend (Saturday and Sunday). The line up was for Enterprise in all its forms, from showcasing art to fashion to hosting business and fashion Master-Classes. It was well and truly packed with stuff to see and hear. I attended a Master-Class hosted by Tracy Reese ( For those who don’t know she has been responsible for clothing US First Lady Michelle Obama to at least 14 events)got to know her background and listened to some business advice and also the Fashion Show (which was really cool 🙂 )for that i’ll be posting the shots taken on Thursdays now.
To welcome you guys into a new week and wake myself up from my #MondayHaze, here’s a moment caught on camera of a man in uniform checking his shoe out 😀

Have a lil laugh and have a great week ahead 🙂

Military Hop Skip by rubys polaroid
Military Hop Skip

Cee Black and White Challenge: Stadium Curves

Today i dug into my NYSC Archives, saw this and it fit perfectly. My Corps Batch was called upon to attend an event at The Teslim Stadium, Lagos apparently for World AIDS Day.
As time goes on i’ll post more from that day, i took tons of cool shots, it was one of those days i was thankful for a cool camera in my hands and not just my phone. To see more cool entries, check the link 

>>Cee Black and White Challenge: Circles and Curves


Teslim Stadium Lagos by rubys polarid
Teslim Stadium lagos

WPC: Nigerian Nostalgia

Hi guys, how was the weekend? Today in Nigeria, we are celebrating our Independence (actually its on October 1st but in Nigeria if it falls on a weekend the public holiday celebrations are pushed to a weekday 😀 )
To tie in with the WP Challenge : Nostalgia, I dug into my shots from my last outings for NYSC last year October 🙂

Happy Independence Nigeria 🙂


Cee’s Black and White Challenge: All The Way Up

Its all in the angle they say.  This is a shot of one of the many access stairs at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos. In one of the last Nysc adventures we gathered at the stadium for a Saturday event and i took alot of shots, which I’ll steadily unveil as the month goes.
Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Indoor Walkways, Hallways, Elevators.

Stadium Stairs by rubys polaroid
Stadium Stairs



Onward March

What a week, barely started and i can say its a real roller coaster *rolls eyes* ,anyhow i can’t let that stop my blog 😀 so here’s another from Nysc Collection. A montage of some moments during my camp endurance trek. I did an earlier post with a WPC theme.
My fav are the Corper’s shadow shot and the Hawker girl. What are yours?

P.S A sneak peek of my new fashion photography work will be on Friday 😀 .Hope you guys love it.



Shady Reflection

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid

Monochrome Tuesday with a twist. My photography muse today was a shot taken in camp. Played around with it by selectively allowing some areas retain their original look.

Let me know what you think in your comments. Cheers 😀

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid
Colorful reflection


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