On The Way: Endurance Trek

On any journey sometimes it good to slow down and appreciated the change of scenery,

Maybe Take a Pic

Or notice the people, buildings and street life around you.

Sometimes the journey might reveal different things, but all this knowledge is lost if we rush to our destination.

   Inspired by WPC this week themed ON THE WAY.
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Mature Dragonfly

Mature and quite big, this beauty was resting and posed for a snap. Took this while in camp for my youth service orientation last November, one of the few moments of nature i could capture while in camp.

Mature Dragonfly by rubys polaroid
Mature Dragonfly

Sunrise in Iseyin

sunrise in iseyin by rubys polaroid

Christ is Risen. Those words are the buzz words right now in the media world as Christians all over celebrate Easter Monday today. A beautiful sunset seems like a perfect tribute to this holiday, took this on my last morning of Nysc Camp last November in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Happy Easter Everyone

sunrise in iseyin by rubys polaroid
sunrise in iseyin