WPC: Night Magic

Make Magic!!! Create beauty in ways to inspire the mind..what about putting out all the lights and leaving your mind with endless possibilities?
That is what i try to achieve with this week’s shot, it’s literally a shot in the dark(lol) of a night-time barber shop under a huge umbrella. A quick set up but in pitch darkness its an island of light, i almost missed this shot contemplating where or not to take it i’m so glad i raise my hands to take the shot.

Inspired by WPC: Magic


After Dark

After Dusk by rubys polaroid

Sometimes words are too long,
or too short or just not right.

Its after dark and the streetlights are lit
Time for the night crawlers to come out
and say hi 🙂

After Dusk by rubys polaroid
After Dusk

Friday Haiku: Gift of Life


Soft caressing hands,
Molding sounds of slow breathing,
To give life meaning.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku 72: Life&Give
Image Credit: Pixabay


Photo101: Wk 2 Collage

This is my catch up post for the WordPress Photo-blogging Month of November.
Week two of Photography 101 blogging gave up 5 topics to explore with pictures. I merged all 5 shots into a collage of pictures big and small, light to dark.
The pictures follow these topics: Mystery, Warmth, Landmark, Natural World, Connect.

Mystery: I tried to work with a nighttime shot. My first few lunar pics where terrible but I got the hang of it and made out a nice moon shot with the environment.

Warmth: A rising sun was the concept. Took an early morning shot at about 6:45 G.M.T +1.

Landmark: A very new and popular bridge that links Ikoyi and Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

Natural World: A still dragonfly was the perfect muse to use to symbolize nature at its best.

Connect: Not an easy topic by any means, I had to look hard but I found a thorny flowering plant branch that had webs connecting it to other branches forming an almost invisible connection at its farthest point.


Dark Descent

Lone Star by rubys polaroid
Lone Star by rubys polaroid
Lone Star
Free falling, falling, falling
as through air
closing my eyes to see
what vision awaits me
Reality’s out-stretched hand
fading like a dream
misty winds howl past
hurtling at the speed of thought
a descent into tarturus
Shrill Screams of caged minds,
jarring my eyes open at the last second
as my body turns into an embrace
of stony poseidon


Descent is the topic of this week’s challenge. My photo was taken by descending into a roadside drain, my poem expresses a descent of the mind into scream filled enclaves.

To see other entries in this week’s challenge, click HERE.


Dark Palm

A singular street-lamp hiding behind palm-tree with a cloudless black sky. My photo co-op with @1ManCabal at Freedom Park, Lagos.

Palm at Freedom Park by rubyspolaroid
Palm at Freedom Park