Haiku Friday: Edge

Holding in my breath
At the point of no return
Wishing life anew

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 123: Breathe & New

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Midweek Music: Chvrches

Lovely rock group, the genre is new to me though. SynthPop also known as Electropop, something i plan on exploring :). In the meantime, if you are open to new music and a techno fan this might be up your alley. Enjoy


Transition: Upgrade

The challenge on WordPress PC this week is Transition.

Change is inevitable in most things; very few things in life are static.

This week i got a big brother to my trusted Nikon Camera πŸ˜€ , the shots below were taken with my phone and the difference is pretty wide. I cant wait to start taking crazy shots.


Caterpillar: In Progress

Good morning peeps, Happy New Month πŸ˜€ . August is here with a bang and am sure my northerly friends will soon say goodbye to summer, being the 8th month it has lots of meanings.

Did You Know:

Caterpillars signify Potential or Transformation as
they are a mid-stage to the beauties we know as Butterflies πŸ˜€ .
They also symbolize Luck, sensitivity,
creativity, renewal, promise.

My photo collage today is on Caterpillars. Everyone knows their friendly munching face, sometimes friend or foe depending on if you keep a garden.


New Theme

Hi everyone, I just got the spring cleaning bug recently and decided to change my blog’s look and feel.
Tell me what you think in the comments. πŸ˜€ Suggestions are also very welcome. Thanks.


New Friends; Crazier Crew

New Year comes with a lot of things, thoughts, lists and resolutions but it’s not often it comes with new friends. Went on a 3wk trip late Nov 2014 and came back with (minty πŸ˜€ ) new friends.

A whole 3 humans where added to my crew of crazy friends, yeah that’s a mighty catch πŸ™‚ . This are the shots I took during camp and of them all I got another TALL crazy chic @Phunke, my other bestie @Yetty has found a like tall soul to cry on (I was too short for her to bend to my height….lol).

This post is featured in this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme NEW.

Fresh Perspectives

A New Year, a Β new look. I’m in town scouting for a new theme for my blog for 2015, As you have probably noticed I have changed to a new theme. Your comments on the new theme is very much welcome in terms of navigation and post previews.

I’m still searching for my perfect theme (if there really is something like that πŸ™‚ ), so I’m throwing this out there and see if any other ideas could come up.
As i run a Photoblog, a new theme that showcases my photos in wide screen will be super-appreciated and it should be free πŸ™‚ .

Browsing through the wordpress theme store i realised i couldnt do this by myself as there are literally hundreds of themes and even then sorting through the select for photoblogs is hard. Any suggestions/comments would be most welcome.