Midweek Music: Digital Daggers

Beautiful emo-soul music reminiscent of lost love, a chance discovery while on YouTube. This teaser song hints at a great album (The Devil Within) but till I listen to its entirety enjoy this lyric Video of this song for my midweek Music muse.

Cheers to the rest of the week 😀 *clink*

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An old sunset, A new Dawn

In a few hours the last day of 2015 will end, drawing a close to the year with fireworks, prayers and lots of alcohol to usher in the new year.
We do this every year. so what will you do differently in 2016? Everyone has a list…..and practically no-one will stick to it. So for my final post this year, a little advice. Out of your Fantasy List,

Pick One ….and STICK TO IT.

My Urban Shots today are of a billboard at a popular roundabout along the Lekki-Epe Axis, took it at dusk some days ago. A sunset, a day and time that will never repeat itself. Simply now a memory to reflect on.



Midweek Music: King and Country

A very cool christian group that has gained popularity of late. The album CRAVE,was beautiful. Quietly  reminding me so much of another rock band but with a christian touch. In the spirit of the season give this a shot at your heart  🙂

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New Friends; Crazier Crew

New Year comes with a lot of things, thoughts, lists and resolutions but it’s not often it comes with new friends. Went on a 3wk trip late Nov 2014 and came back with (minty 😀 ) new friends.

A whole 3 humans where added to my crew of crazy friends, yeah that’s a mighty catch 🙂 . This are the shots I took during camp and of them all I got another TALL crazy chic @Phunke, my other bestie @Yetty has found a like tall soul to cry on (I was too short for her to bend to my height….lol).

This post is featured in this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme NEW.

2015 in High Resolution

To start off, sorry about this post coming late. Not my usual style to not have it drafted and scheduled but when I sat down to think through my expectations for this year would be, it was gonna be a pretty long list.

I guess the older you get the more complicated your little lists become (Santa doesn’t warn you about things like this ). Anyway this my New Year Resolution List and I hope it all works out for good 😀


2015 in High Resolution

  • To expand the reach of my blog ( Duh), by increasing my wordpress following to 2000 (yes, this is lofty but that’s why it is in High Resolution 😀 )
  • To get a great photography teacher so I can reach higher and do more awesome shots (LEMANSHOTS inspired this)
  • Be more free and more creative so my blog content grows as well as following.
  • Win a notable photography competition this year ( hmmm this ain’t gonna be easy)
  • To start on the idea of commercialisation (it’s never too early to start, and with a great teacher and awesome equipment, this will be possible) 🙂
  • To write a sci-fi novel. This is a dream that hopefully would be completed this year.
  • Lastly but not the least in anyway, to start being happy with the little steps I make every day towards my dreams and hopefully learn a little more patience along the way 🙂

And with this little(complicated) list of mine, I start the year. How is your list this year going or have you even got a list?


2014 in Collage

This was 2014 in my most popular pictures, from a bird shot at the No 1 spot to water refractions, then at 3rd place was  a monochrome sky in dreamy mode.

Fourth was a week’s photo collage ( A Landmark, Warmth, Nature, Connections and Mystery) in a WordPress Blogging U course on photography, finally it’s my city in splashes of Yellow that was the theme of the post.

What in these pictures made you like and comment so much?. An awesome year it was, that was the year I started this blog and got to meet people who inspired my creativity.

Will be posting on my new year resolutions tomorrow. What are yours?

Mind Series V: A New Dawn

pink oleander monochrome by rubys polaroid

Wrote this muse to usher you into a new dawn and a New Year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone 🙂



The final dawn has come,
the ensuing final darkness of 2014 rolls in
as i look at the darkening horizon i feel a wave of nostalgia
this year is now another bookmark in my chronologic book
can you remember the moments, the tears, the moments at dawn
waiting for your miracle at those silent moments,
the elation you felt at seeing your dreams
your milestones, your victories, your losses,
your courage at the pinnacle moments, your defeats
which ushering in a new wave of lessons learnt
have you changed or has your spirit shell just aged a bit
have you exceeding your understanding
or just lowered your potential an inch more
the final masquerade of 2014 unveiled
and gone

Waiting for the dawn of a new year, looking around we see new faces,
long for old friends, ache for love lost and love won

as we hold hands in this morning glow
we shout our victories for the new year

the plots, plans, wars and battle fields await us
unveiling day by day
Run, Run, Run into a new dawn
A New Year,
endless possibilities
but what truly awaits us………

I wish everyone a beautiful and awe-filled year.
Lets Toast To a New Horizon

Ruby 😀

2014 in review

This year is now in review, stats and facts. Awards and mistakes, and of course New Year Resolutions.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.