Midweek Music: Sunny

Time for some up beat tunes to celebrate a new and the last month of the year 2016. This relatively new single SUNNY is very much keeping the summer feel,  a bumping bass line and snaps appropriately start this upbeat jam leading to some ice cool lines 😀 “Woah Oh came for the hunnies…Drink till we’re Sunny!” .

A happy chorus with a synth line that’s so infectious you can’t help but move your legs to the beat brought to you by the duo of PAPA YA

Enjoy and Have An Awesome December 😀

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Midweek Music: Imagine

Firstly….welcome to a New Month 😀 and it’s my birth month too *grin*

To celebrate the New Month and inspire you i selected a track from my favorite Electronic Instrumentalist; Sizzlebird, His songs always touch a sweet spot of the mind and make me feel weightless. Combining a violin and kickass beats, he pumped this out in April, to see more of his work here’s a link – SIZZLEBIRD

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My Kick-Off Post for #NaBloPoMo and #NaNoWriMo

Hi guys, Happy new month 🙂 and Happy Sunday,
Throws confetti into the air
and another reason I’m so pumped is this is my birthday month 😀 . Yipee

So many things have happened this year and especially last month (Nysc is finally over) and yes that’s kinda major and I’m not too bumed out yet as I’m kinda relaxing for a bit. I guess that why my blog posts have been erratic for my more observant blog friends.
I digressed..
Sooooo this month is #NaNoWriMo and #NaBloPoMo and I’m participating in both (YES, it is a stretch but what better time than now.)
So this is my flagship post for this month on both fronts. I’ve prepped my blog with lots of drafts and written guidelines for the #NaNoWriMo challenge (50,000 words ain’t no joke -__-)) .
Wish me luck and I would be so happy if you’ve got a great suggestion to share of how to survive either, I’ll be waiting in the comments 🙂
Have a lovely week ahead.

Earth Series: Green Caterpillar

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to the first Monday of sweet September 😀 , and also the first of the ‘Ember’ months. My first Natural Monday post of the month is focused on a small but important aspect of nature.

The Docile Caterpillar.

Yes they do look icky and creepy (that I have to admit) but in a short while this tiny, twisty insect will bloom into a beautiful butterfly. Beautiful and dainty, the perfect ambassador on the Transforming power of Mother Nature.